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Study and Design on the Controller System of the Integrated Motor Propulsion

Author ShenLong
Tutor YaoXuLiang
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords integrated motor propulsion adaptive fuzzy PID controller DSP28335processor logic control
CLC U664.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the development of science and technology and the need of national defense, thequlity of the power equipment of the underwater vehicle demand more highly. The traditionalMarine power propulsion systems are all fission due to the large volume weight of the design,organization complex, so maintenance is convenient. Integrated motor propulsion solve theabove problems appear. Integrated motor propulsion Integrated motor body, propellers andcontrol circuitry in a device, is a major component of one of the underwater vehicle, ittransforms underwater vehicle carrying energy into promoting the craft necessary mechanicalenergy.The motor of integrated motor propulsion in the water, you can solve the heat problem,but the structure of the motor propeller structure restrictions, combined with the motor actualwork environment, brings some difficulty to the motor control.Firstly, researching integrated motor propulsion present development, situation anddevelopment trend in the paper, understand the integrated motor propulsion structure. Incontrast to integrated motor propulsion’s several propulsion motor, comparing with currenttechnology, brushless dc motor as integrated motor push power has advantages. Theintegrated motor propulsion power unit is a brushless DC motor, brushless DC motorcharacteristics compared with the traditional electric propulsion system, integrated motorpropulsion small size, light weight, small noise and vibration, good heat dissipation, highefficiency, easy maintenance. Integrated motor propulsion structure as a whole is verycompact, as compared to the propulsion system of underwater robot, also suitable forunderwater vehicle propulsion. Then a more detailed analysis of permanent magnet brushlessDC motor, including mechanical and mathematical models to study the structure of thebrushless DC motor system, the control law based on nonlinear inductance characteristics ofsquare-wave brushless DC the simulation model of the motor, control system starting positionsensorless brushless DC motor commutation made in-depth discussion, the establishment of aself-tuning fuzzy-PID controller, and applied to sensorless brushless DC motor controlsystem get better control effect.Secondly, more detailed analysis was done about the brushless dc motor, includingmechanical structure and the mathematical model. Based on the integrated motor propulsioncontrol methods, setting up the simulation model, compared to the traditional PID controllerwith adaptive PID of fuzzy controller of the simulation results, getting the adaptive fuzzy PIDcontroller in control effect is better than the traditional PID controller. Thirdly, according to the work principle of integrated motor propulsion, designing theintegrated motor propulsion controller, DSP28335processor as the core of the peripheralhardware circuit designing and the corresponding control software. Hardware circuitincluding main circuit, drive circuit power, voltage/current sampling circuit, logic control andprotection circuit so on.Finally, after the completion of each module circuit hardware debugging, the controlsystem hardware and software co-debugging had done, system run in stability, analyzed thewaveform of the test data.

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