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The Research of Radial Well in Expansive Soil Canals’ Landslide Treatment

Author PangMuHua
Tutor YeShaoYou
School Hefei University of Technology
Course Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords radial well expansive soils landslide of rivers and canals raininfiltration hydraulic gradient
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Landslide is one of the common natural disasters, it can create very seriousconsequences because of its tremendous destructive power. Canals’ landslide notonly can threatens the river levees’ flood control function, but also have manynegative impacts for the sustainable development of regional social and economic.Expansive soil has water swelling characteristic and dehydration shrinkage drycharacteristic.Hydraulic engineering, road and rail construction, industrial and civilconstruction in the area of expansion soil is often damaged by this characteristic.Soexpansive soil area canals’ landslide treatment has high practical significance andscientific significance.This paper summarizes the basic characteristics of expansivesoils and the impact on the construction, analysis the expansive soil slope actualinfiltration under rainfall infiltration,by the three well-known models of rainfallinfiltration infiltration capacity formula and by the use of the average rainfallinfiltration bank slope the groundwater level formula is obtained,and combinedwith specific project examples of the Simashan. This paper focused on theunderground seepage field around the radial well by the impact of rainfallconditions and come to the following main conclusions: The radial well caneffectively lower the groundwater level and significantly reduced the water levelchanges;In the effect of the radial well’s drainage, shaft play a major role, its effectis about70%of the total;The funnel curve surround the radial well is verycomplicated,there are many differences compared with the standard funnel curve;Hydraulic gradient in the form of days rainfall is smaller than that of centralizedrainfall patterns,under the premise of the same rainfall;The radial well can reducethe internal hydraulic gradient’s value,and make the hydraulic gradient like theparabolic, the maximum value appear in the uphill of the radial well; Withincreasing rainfall,radial well can reduce the value of hydraulic gradient;With theascent of water level, the hydraulic gradient is uneven,this is,the unevenpenetration can cause the slope local instability.

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