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Study on the Equipment Perpormance of the Self-inspiring and Self-excited Pulsed Jet in Underwater Conditions

Author ZhaoLi
Tutor GaoChuanChang
School North China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower
Course Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords Underwater Self-excited inspiratory Numerical simulation Experimental research Erosion performance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In allusion to the problems and challenges faced with deep water reservoirs, anew mechanical injection method that is based on the principle of self-excitedinspiratory pulse jet is first proposed. The main principle is that by using thecharacteristics of high energy gas water jet formed by self-excited inspiratory pulse jet,the output of concentrated energy is produced at the silt at the bottom of the reservoir,making the jet containing a large amount of gases, thus accelerating the siltdestruction and enhancing sand transportation efficiency of the reservoir. The mostimportant equipment in the method is the new self-excited inspiratory pulse jetdevice,thereby the paper will carry out the research on such aspects as the occurringmechanism of self-excited and inspiration, the internal flow field structure of thedevice and erosion performance.For the purpose of getting the occurrence and development of velocity field,stress field and the concentration of the gas field inside the device under differentwater depths,the paper has established a mathematical model for the self-excited andinspiration pulse jet device and has also used software FLUENT to conduct anumerical simulation. According to the results above, effect factors influencingoscillation pulse have been analyzed. They are structure parameters and externaloperation parameters of the device. At the same time,the paper has conducted erosionperformance tests on both self-excited inspiratory pulse jet and continuous jet underdifferent water depths. Furthermore, the paper has compared the advantages anddisadvantages of the erosion performance of the two different jet flows. The results ofthe test show that self-excited inspiratory pulse jet is far better than continuous jet.A self-excited inspiratory pulse jet has unique advantages on reservoir silting. Theresults of this research paper has provided a theory basis and technical support forfurther research on underwater efficient self-excited inspiratory pulse jet technologyand the technology applied at reservoir silting,etc.

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