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Functional Assessment and Research on Ecological Restoration of the Weihe River Ecosystem Services

Author DuJia
Tutor SongJinXi
School Northwestern University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords The Weihe River Watercourse River ecosystem service functions Ecological restoration
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the rapid development of economic and social, human activities have led to the degradation of river’s ecosystem services. The increasing attention has been given to the river’s ecological problems. Quantitative assessment of the ecological services of the river is helpful for more reasonable use of river water resources, and it is significant for suitable ecological restoration of damaged river, restoration of river ecosystem service functions, and the continued development of the basin. Weihe River plays an important role in regional development. Moreover the ecological and environmental problems of Weihe have seriously restricted the sustainable development of the regional economic. Therefore, it’s urgent to make a reasonable assessment of the Weihe River ecosystem service functions, put forward practical and to promote Weihe River ecological restoration measures.This paper, backgrounded by Shaanxi section of Weihe River, diagnoses the Weihe River’s ecological and environmental problems and ecological service functions, and assesses the ecosystem service function value of Weihe River. In this article, the value of ecological restoration of the watercourse of the Weihe River’s Shaanxi section is assessed with the contingent valuation method and the ecological restoration measures are determined based on the key factor, affecting the ecosystem services function of the watercourse of the Weihe River’s Shaanxi section, which is recognized by the analytic hierarchy process method. Main research content and the results obtained are as follows.The main ecological and environmental problems of the watercourse of Weihe River. The runoff is declining. water quality compliance rate is low and contaminants is rich in the sediment. the mud and sand deposite on riverbed frequently leading to water damage. biodiversity is decreasing. By quantitative assessment of the river ecosystem service function value of Shaanxi section of the Weihe River, the result shows that it’s worth168.683billion yuan/a.0.21times the2009GDP of Shaanxi Province. With the contingent valuation method, Weihe River Basin Weihe River in Shaanxi Province Ecological Restoration is calculated value of1.077billion yuan/a. The use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process to identify the impact of the Weihe River the channel ecosystem services function key factor, the result shows that the order of importance of the ecological service functions:regulatory function> supply function> Support Function>cultural functions. Affecting Factors in order of importance:the hydrological characteristics of the river> Contamination status> the physical structure of the riverbed> aquatic ecosystems> riparian landscape. Based on the ecological restoration theory, this paper puts forward the specific ecological restoration measures on the aspects of Weihe River bed physical structure, River hydrology, river pollution, water ecological and riparian landscape.

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