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The Research of the New Rural Economy Building Material Enterprise the Authentication Evaluation

Author YuanYong
Tutor LiuJun; LiLi
School Shenyang University of construction
Course Materials Engineering
Keywords Rural Building Materials Enterprise Authentication Evaluation System “3Q”Index
CLC F426
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The building materials profession is pillar industries of our country, which plays an important role on China’s economic and social development. According to survey of China building materials association, each year, rural residents use most for building materials consumption in housing and building maintenance, building materials industry to the countryside is the second fire ignited consumer after car and home appliances to the countryside. But since authentication system of our country building materials existence problem, rural building materials industry development is impeded, which is mainly embodied in that rural building materials are inferior in quality, severe pollution, cannot adapt the needs of sustainable development of building materials. To solve the above problem, one of the most important work is to develop a new rural economic construction materials with the character of economic, energy saving, environmental protection, healthy and comfortable. But just develop new material is still far from enough, another more important work also have to done, that is strengthening the soft environment construction of rural construction materials, especially start from enterprise management of countryside building materials production. Therefore, we must reform the existing authentication system of building materials, establish rural building materials certification system aim for economic, energy saving, environmental protection, healthy and comfortable.This paper used the way of combine quantitative analysis and qualitative research, normative research and empirical research, theoretical study and practical research, taking new countryside economy building materials production enterprise as research object, by comparison and analysis of the current domestic and international authentication system, integrated use of the investigation result, with a lot of facts and figures for the basis, the necessity and the methods of the rural building materials enterprises to establish new-type rural authentication evaluation system were studied. This paper analyzed the importance of the certification for the rural building materials enterprise, elaborated the current situation and the problems we faced, proposed the basic principles of the authentication evaluation system, that is, science, comparability, scalability, globality and importance together, integrating the dynamic with the static analysis, introduced the built of the authentication evaluation system,including new rural economic construction materials enterprise authentication framework structures, institutions and composition of duties, the authentication processes, standards, and in the light of new type selection of rural economic construction materials enterprise qualification evaluation system of standard concretely analyzes, confirmed three first-order index that is product performance, quality management and quality technical support, referred to as the "3Q" index. This paper using comprehensive weights-making method that is combine hierarchy analytic process and expert investigation method to calculate the index weight, established the evaluation index of recursion class times structure: target strata, criterion layer, factors layer. The overall objective of enterprise evaluation evaluates by the target layer, the target layer evaluates by criterion layer, criterion layer evaluates by factor layer, providing of the corresponding standard values to the layer of each factor, setting corresponding interval value of the quantitative evaluation index, setting corresponding qualitative requirements of the qualitative evaluation index, using grey clustering model analysis after indexes selected. Finally established about quantitative evaluation model of new countryside economy building materials enterprise qualification evaluation system, this model has administrative levels clear, simple, feasible and results clearly, etc.The establishment and implementation of the evaluation system of the rural economy building materials enterprises,can effectively manage and control vast villages and building materials enterprise, enormous limit safeguard new countryside economy building materials economic and ensure energy saving, environmental protection, healthy, comfortable building materials into families. We can say that the evaluation system of the rural economy building materials enterprises meet the needs of comprehensive construction well-off society and socialist new countryside construction, promoting rural building materials enterprises to strengthen management, enhancing the level of rural building materials production technology needs of enterprises, promoting rural enterprises to strengthen management of building materials, and the needs of guide and encourage the development of rural market, guide consumers to the needs of scientific and rational use of building materials, promote housing construction in rural areas by the disorder to have order changing, which has important rule on guarantee quality standards, performance and environmental health of the building materials used in construction, improve people’s living and quality.

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