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Research on Key Technologies and Evaluation System of Solar Water Heating System on Building Integrated Application

Author ChenJun
Tutor FangTingYong
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords solar energy large-scale light transmittance the obliquity evaluationsystem
CLC TU822.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid economic development, the contraction of energy consumptionbecome increasingly intensified, the energy issue has become one important problemof development in our country. Statistical data show that building energy consumptionaccounts for one-third of the total energy consumption of society. Solar energy, as therich non-polluting renewable energy is widely developed and utilized to relieveenergy crisis. In recent years, solar energy application in building gradually toward toscale, but the research about large-scale application is very poor. In this paper,renewable energy model city construction in Heifei is as an opportunity and buildingintegrated solar energy scale application is the research object and the project of citydemonstration is the study of vectors. Two aspects question are came up with by thestatistical analysis of the project of large-scale demonstration projects. The firstquestion is building integrated solar energy system. Three levels of questions aboutthe best angle toward and the impact of light transmittance on collector efficiencycombined with safety are put forward during the building integrated solar energy scaleapplication, which combined with the analysis of the basic condition of renewableenergy application before2009and factual overview of renewable energydemonstration city after two-year construction project in Heifei. The second is that itlacks a reliable evaluation index system for the promotion of large-scale application inHeifei since these demonstration projects are the leading of city demonstration.In Chapter3, some researchers have been done on the first question. Ecotect,solar energy efficiency monitored experiment platform and integrated structuralanalysis are applied to study the first problem in the article. The results indicate thatthe suitable angle of collector is20°when south orientation in Hefei, and annual heatrates have little difference when south orientation angle is between20°and40°.Therefore, choose according to practical situation in practical engineering. Throughbuilding experiment platform to simulate the thermal performance of solar thermalsystem under different pervious to light, the results show that with the lighttransmittance performance on the surface of split type flat plate collector decreased,the water temperature rising trend reveals a significant decrease. Meanwhile, theirregular variation of water is influenced by the size of the radiation in the preliminary.The research object of safety performance analysis is the balcony wall-mounted solarto have the structural analysis of combination mode to put forward combination andapplication mode considering system at the beginning of building design. The solutionis extending outrigger40cm to decrease concentrated load to enhance the degree ofsafety. The second problem is based on the government-matching funds of thecosmically solar building demonstration in Hefei to build three-level effectivenessevaluation index system of large-scale solar building application in Hefei. From building indicator, performance indicator, and fund indicator, the model to evaluatethe effect of cosmically application in Hefei for the past two years is built to providereliable and intuitive evaluation method for the effect of cosmically application.

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