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Community Hospital Research and Ouyang Road Community Hospital Design

Author LiGuangLin
Tutor JiGuoHua
School Nanjing University
Course Architecture
Keywords communities community health services configuration spatial composition
CLC TU246.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Community hospitals, as a product of the health care system reforming, It has been developed for half a century in European countries, but has just started in China in recent years. China is a populous country, the basic protection of the health needs is very urgent. Due to different national conditions, copying foreign community hospitals’mode is clearly not proper. At the same time of designing, the author did a more detailed study about the functional requirements, configuration indicators and space of the community hospital.Community health will improve our existing health care system, to alleviate the pressure of a comprehensive hospital admissions, and facilitate the broad masses of the people for treatment care, community hospitals, research studies, architectural design provides theoretical support for the community hospital, at the same time these studiescan be deeper residents demand for community hospitals, to increase its usefulness, so patronizing to the people. Community health development will be an important factor in people’s livelihood, is a measure of the important parameters of urban living standards, this study has both practical, but also a significant relationship.The study starts from the definition and functions of the community hospitals. I analyze community hospitals, respectively, from the scale, functional configuration, the applicable laws and regulations and norms relative to. Secondly, through the comparative study on the city’s comprehensive hospitals and community hospitals, summarized the characteristics of the community hospitals. The contrast is from the service between the two objects, covering, bed set, functional positioning and the proportion of space configuration of the various departments. Ouyang Road Community Hospital is located at No.20, Lane421Siping Road, Shanghai Siping Road, the city main road. The east of the base is a river called Sha Jing,, the water is clear, and the river is quiet. The west side of the base is the Expo Garden District, the district high-rise residential buildings are one hundred meters high. Base is very characteristic, very tight.The north and south sides of the base is a highly multi-story building about20meters. The main entrance is so narrow, the west of the base is noisy city roads, the east of the base is quiet rivers, very different environment bring opportunities for the design.The focus of the design strategy is to avoid the noise, design plaza at the west side of the plan, the east side as close as possible to the river. I open a large area of glazing at the east facade of the building. There are many problems in the program, the base, from solving the base problem, considering the characteristics of the hospital building, raised the total graphic design ideas, in addition, the physical design, and strive to reflect the simple elegant image of a modern hospital. Node design is also fully considered and the detailed design of the wall constructed node, depth and strive to design completion.In the study, the author also concerned about the problems encountered by the community hospitals in the development, the changes may have to face, with reference to the success of foreign community hospital setting. And the author also make some recommendations. Integrated the comparison, proposed conclusions finally.

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