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Analysis of Anti-seismic Performance of Chuan Dou Wooden Frame Houses and Rammed-earth Houses in Southwest Rural Areas

Author ChenLeiJie
Tutor BaiGuoLiang
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Rural buildings Chuan Dou wooden structures rammed-earth structures finite element model the response of seismic
CLC TU352.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In China’s vast rural areas, many places still exist Chuan Dou-timbered houses andrammed-earth walls load-bearing houses, especially in the Southwest, both types ofrural house is a large number of existing residential form. Relatively backwardeconomic conditions and the affordability of the peasant family in rural areas, necessaryanti-seismic measures do not apply to houses construction, which in this region isearthquake-prone areas.Because most are located in highly seismic regions, theearthquake damage is large, which resulting in significant economic losses andcasualties to the local. In view of this situation, this article expand the anti-seismicperformance analysis of these two structures, for subsequent transformation to improveand reinforce the urgent and positive and practical significance. The main work andresearch are in the following aspects:First,this article introduced the Southwest in rural areas Chuan Dou-timberedhouses and rammed-earth walls load-bearing house’s research and use of the status quo,the housing structure composition and structural features, two types of housing andsome instances of a typical earthquake damage.Second, two structural types of houses each select a representative cross-sectionstructure, based on the structural characteristics of rammed earth, wood, materialcharacteristics and housing on the basis of relevant theories and assumptions, namelythe establishment of its finite element model, and then use the knowledge of structuraldynamics to solve the structure of the dynamic characteristics of bearing housing ChuanDou wood frame houses and rammed earth walls under static displacement analysis;and the structure of the modal analysis to obtain the structure the first six bands of frequencies and mode shapes; and then the structure imposed by a different peak ofseismic waves, earthquake dynamic time history analysis, the structure of smallearthquakes, earthquake, earthquake, when the acceleration and displacement response.Third, according to the weak parts of the seismic analysis showed that the structureproposed seismic design targeted, and the results of the analysis and the standards of thecurrent seismic codes for earthquake resistance of comparative analysis, the fortificationstandards for such housing in rural areas "small earthquakes can repair," the shock doesnot severely damaged.Finally, the last departure from the overall point of view of the anti-seismic designof buildings, comprehensive consideration of the anti-seismic performance of the mainfactors, and then propose methods to improve the anti-seismic performance of suchhouses.

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