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Study on Static and Dynamic Force Performance of the New Cable Dome Structure

Author QiZongLin
Tutor ZhangAiLin; LiuXueChun
School Beijing University of Technology
Course Civil Engineering
Keywords cable dome structure static and dynamic behavior cable ruptureanalysis seismic behavior fire resistance analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Cable dome structure is a new type of prestress structure based on the idea oftensegrity. It is composed of cable、strut and membrane,which is classified asflexible space structure system. Cable dome can make full use of the tension strengthof steel materials, and it has advantages in shape, weight, stability and forcedistribution. Therefore, as a hot topic for engineering industries, this structure iswell fit for large-span roof. With the a great deal of research in many countries,achievements has been made on the influence of different factors for the performanceof cable dome structure, but there are still some imperfections on the analysis ofrupture of local cable and fire resistance.Through a large number of international documents, this paper has introduced thehistory, characteristics and mechanism of cable dome, and put forward the maincontents according to the current research situation.For the achievement of the first large-span cable dome engineering in China, Yiqifitness centre in Erdos, an improved plan of adopting levy type is proposed herein,aiming at the defects of weaker out-of-plane stiffness in geiger type.This paper has recalculated the initial prestress for levy cable dome, in accordingwith the dimensions of practical engineering, and has studied the static, dynamic,seismic and fire-resistance behavior, as well as the influence of cable rupture.The research of static performance has three parts: The first part has offered theload-displacement curve and the internal force change of every member in loadinghistory; The second part has analyzed the static behavior under half span and1/4spanlive load; And the third part has studied the structure behaviors with different factors,such as initial prestress, the length of strut, span and rise-span ratio.For the analysis on the rupture of local cable, applying the theory of transientdynamic, the impact of single-cable rupture on the displacement and internal force hasbeen investigated, as well as the minimum number of cables that can lead to wholestructural failure. Furthermore, The safety levels of each member are also classifiedfrom results, thus provide valuable reference for construction and maintenance. In the part of dynamic performance, the dynamic characteristics of structure therelevant influence of the changes of structural parameters, has been fully studiedunder the initial equilibrium state and loading equilibrium state. Then in the part ofanti-seismic performance, three kinds of3-d seismic wave have been chosen and inputfor time history analysis under frequent earthquakes, resulting in the structureresponse of displacement and internal force.Finally, for the research of fire-resistance behavior, the impacts of prestress leveland roof structure have been simulated and analyzed. The fire case in this paper moreconforms to the reality and has a guide role for the rescue in the same kind ofstructures.

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