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Theoretical Researches on Multi-objective Optimization Design of SRHSHPC Frame Columns

Author LouHuanJuan
Tutor ZhengShanSuo
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering
Keywords SRHSHPC frame columns multi-objective optimization design Displacement ductility coefficient Limit value of the axial compressive ratio MATLAB
CLC TU398.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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At present, steel reinforced high strength and high performance concrete(SRHSHPC) frame columns are widely used in high-rise building and super high-risebuilding both at home and abroad. The research on multi-objective optimization designof SRHSHPC frame columns which consider economic benefits, security and durabilitycomprehensively is rare. Therefore the multiple objective optimization design onSRHSHPC frame columns has profound social significance.The Seismic performance of Steel reinforced high strength and high performanceconcrete can be characterized by displacement ductility. It is more meaningful toestablish the multi-objective optimization mathematical mode of SRHSHPC framecolumns considering displacement ductility. In this paper,31specimens of SRHSHPCframe columns are tested under low cyclic repeated loading. The influences of strengthof concrete, axial compression ratio, shear span ratio and stirrup ratio on the theductility of SRHSHPC frame columns are analyzed. The formula of displacementductility coefficient is obtained using SPSS by means of multivariate nonlinearregression based on the test results. The displacement ductility coefficient formula putforward can reflect accurately the influences induced by4parameters above.The column of the axial compressive ratio is to guarantee the safety performanceof the component. It is a further deepening to establish the multi-objective optimizationmathematical mode of SRHSHPC frame columns considering the column of the axialcompressive ratio. Limit value of the axial compressive ratio are inferred according tothe limits of balance theory and make a contrast of the value and the test result.Atlast,the suggested value of the limit value of the axial compressive ratio is given, which can be used for SRHSHPC frame columns of different strength grade concrete.Based on the work in the above, reasonable design variables are selected andmulti-objective optimization function which meet economy and safety are constructedin the optimization process. Multi-objective optimization mathematical mode ofSRHSHPC frame columns is set up considering the standard and the existing researchresults of SRHSHPC frame columns. The mathematics problem is solved by MATLABusing particle swarm algorithm method, interior point penalty function method andobject planning method.The multi-objective optimization design theory for the high strength steel highperformance concrete columns which this paper put forward is suitable for theengineering practice and can be able to reflect the actual requirements of the code. TheOptimization process is easier to master.It can also provide a good reference for theoptimization design of other steel and concrete composite structure.

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