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The Study of Maoershan Area Tree Species Carbon Content and Light Wooden Frame Calculation of Carbon Sinks

Author YuZuoYang
Tutor XuMin
School Northeast Forestry University
Course Wood Science and Technology
Keywords Larix gmelinii Pinus sylvestris increment borer Carbon content Lightwood frame Carbon sink
CLC TU366.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Nowadays, with a number of the United Nations Climate Conference held, energy saving has become an important issue in economic development. The timber can fix the CO2in atmospheric, and timber production of wood construction, wood product can delay the emissions of CO2in order to achieve low-carbon environmental purpose of the section. Wood as a renewable resource in the life and production, which people has paid more and more attention. The expansion of the range in the use of wooden structures is beyond doubt. This paper selected the Northeast Forestry University Maoershan Experimental Forest Farm of the two main species, Larix gmelinii and Pinus sylvestris mature wood as the main object of study.Use the increment borer, in the case does not affect the normal growth of rees of different diameters for each species, in different directions and different growth conditions of trees to vivo sampling. Using the elemental analyzer to measure the carbon content, and analyze. Determine the carbon content of the two species of trees, combined with the Laboratory of the State Forestry Administration,948projects (wood composite materials in the light frame wood structure in the application of technical introduction), building a light wood frame in the Experimental Forest Farm of Northeast Forestry University, calculation of the wooden architecture of the carbon sinks. Specific studies are as follows:(1)Selected the two common species in Maoershan Experimental Forest Farm of Northeast Forestry University, Larix gmelinii and Pinus sylvestris, a total of85trees, respectively, in its sunny, shady range of50m, diameter15cm,20cm,25cm positioning5-10trees, with the increment borer sampling its north and south directions, after handling sample, using the elemental analyzer to measure the carbon content to determine the methods of measurement of carbon content.(2) Analysis the resulting data, draw a different diameter, direction, and growth conditions (mainly light) the difference of the carbon content of wood, carbon content, to determine and identify the Maoershan areas of two common species Larix gmelinii and Pinus sylvestris carbon content respectively is49.4%and50.4%and establish a wood carbon content database used to store the different species of wood carbon content data and follow-up data query.(3) Determined the main impact factor through analyzing the wood frame construction in the building process carbon emissions:energy consumption of material production, material transport energy consumption and wooden structure of the construction process energy consumption and production, studied the impact of various factors of energy consumption and carbon emissions to identify the relationship of the conversion of energy consumption and carbon emissions. (4)Laboratory of existing light wood frame construction process, for example, combined with wood building carbon emission factors and the carbon content of wood, computational methods to study the wood structural carbon sinks, Sequestered carbon, come to the wooden structure building area per square meter of the sequestered carbon is159.7kg, to provide a basis for further research.

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