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Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of High-strength Concrete Beam Column and Frame Based on Opensees

Author LiuLiJuan
Tutor YeXianGuo
School Hefei University of Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords OpenSees High–strength concrete Beam Frame Ductility
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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High-strength concrete is widely applicated in engineering structures. It hasofficially included in the new design code. High-strength concrete has theadvantages of durability, high strength, rigidity, which is able to adapt modernengineering structures to develop to the large span and heavy load, high-rise.However, the brittleness and low ductility of high-strength concrete can not beignored during the design and research. Large open finite element softwareOpenSees is used for simulation and analysis of high-strength concrete componentand frame in this paper.At first, through nonlinear finite element simulation analysis of the shearbehavior of3high-strength steel and high-strength beams, contrast to experimentalvalue,which indicates that the software is suitable to simulate the high-strengthsteel and high-strength concrete components. Therefore, providing certain theoreticalbasis for OpenSees using in high-strength steel and high-strength concrete component inthe future.Though the Drab loading simulation analysis of the common steel andcommon concrete columns (common columns), common steel and high-strengthconcrete columns (high-strength columns) and the high-strength steel andhigh-strength concrete columns (two high-strength columns) under different axialcompression ratio, mainly research and analysis on horizontal load and horizontaldisplacement skeleton curves of the3kind columns, which indicates that with thethe axial compression ratio increasing, the ductility decreases; locatinghigh-strength longitudinal steel in high-strength columns can improve ductility;compare with commom columns, bearing capacity of high-strength columns andtwo high-strength columns obviously improve; compared with common columns,the code limit value of axial compression ratio of high-strength columns havehigher requirements. This paper also designs common steel and common concrete frame (commonframe) and high-strength steel and high-strength concrete frame (two high-strengthframe), and carries out cyclic simulation for them, which indicates that on the hand,the premise of each index closing to the limit code value, section size is smaller inthe two high-strength frame than in the common frame, and fewer steel quantity intwo high-strength frame; on the other hand, the premise of the ductility meeting therequirements, two high-strength frame can improve the bearing capacity.

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