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Experimental Study on Bending Performance of Fews Steels of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Near-surface Mounted CFRP Sheets

Author LuoZhi
Tutor TongGuSheng
School East China Jiaotong University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminate steel reinforced concrete near-surface mounted Flexural property
CLC TU375.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Reinforced concrete structure is used in civil engineering of one of the most commonengineering structure. But steel reinforced concrete structure in the use process, because for along time by loads, corrosion and damage the environment fatigue adverse factors, make steelreinforced concrete structure the bearing capacity and safe use fixed number of year isreduced greatly. Therefore, the existence of a number of now already built reinforced concretestructure maintenance, and remove in time to reinforce the safety of the structure is toguarantee the hidden danger in the later structure the safe use of the effective methods.Carbon fiber composite because its material is qualitative light, intensity, corrosion resistanceand anti-fatigue effect is good, the construction is simple and convenient, and many otheradvantages, to make it in the reinforcement is widely used in the field. The technology alsohas caused more and more attention of scholars both at home and abroad, and its applicationresearch field and in constant expansion. Combining with the natural science fund projects: injiangxi province and the damage in reinforced concrete beams reinforced mechanism of FRPembedded with can repair the sex study (2010GZC0035) of carbon fibre sheet materialembedded steel reinforced concrete beam subjected to bending property less muscle onfurther experimental research,The main contents of this paper include:1.Through access to existing carbon fiber "near-surface mounted" reinforced concretebeams reinforced less relevant experimental study information technology, choose thestructure of the beam size, concrete strength, reinforcement ratio and carbon species, size,Production testing of components used to study its performance in terms of bending.2.Prepared five small bars of reinforced concrete beam specimens of these little bars ofreinforced concrete beam specimens reinforced to take a different approach and laboratorytesting was carried out research, testing embedded in the main consideration in the amount ofdifferent carbon fiber reinforcement and embedded in the carbon fiber of different lengths, itssmall bars of reinforced concrete beams in bending performance impact; of carbon fiber"near-surface mounted" reinforced concrete beams reinforced less stress-strain, load-mid-span deflection, beam cross-along the section height strain, ultimate load and strain incarbon fiber cross-section and other mechanical properties were studied and analyzed.3.Carbon fiber by referring to "near-surface mounted" reinforced concrete beam flexuralreinforcement appropriate damage theory when flexural capacity calculation method derivedcarbon fiber "near-surface mounted" reinforced concrete beam flexural reinforcement less damage when the flexural capacity theoretical formula, and test some of the reinforcedconcrete beams subject to bending damage when the bearing capacity of the theoretical valuewas calculated, thus verifying the accuracy of theoretical formula.4. Ansys finite element analysis software to establish an experimental research model,and the test model was built by the mid-span deflection simulation analysis, comparativeanalysis of the simulation with the experimental value and the difference between the reasonsfor the differences, on the use of finite element analysis software embedded carbon fiber sheetreinforced concrete beam flexural properties of the feasibility of doing a preliminaryvalidation.

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