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The LSP Film Mechanical Properties and Constitutive Relation

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor LiuBoQuan
School Chang'an University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Life ShieldPanels membranes Tensile strength Temperature Loading speed Constitutive relations
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Life Shield Panels membrane (hereinafter referred to as the LSP membrane) isvulnerable to bomb attacks in the glass curtain wall design of new polymer foil material,when suffered bomb attacks, the glass explosiondebr is adhesion on the LSP membrane t,while the LSP membrane can absorpte part of the energy generated by the explosion. Fromthe current study the current situation, the country did not carry out the related materials andglass curtain wall, anti-explosion specimen study; Experimental study on the membranes ofLSP information provided by foreign research institutions is relatively small, glass curtainwall for the country to carry out anti-explosion the anti-explosion simulation analysis andglass curtain wall design work more difficult.The LSP membrane test is under different conditions of test temperature and loadingspeed tensile test, to test the tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus, secant modulus,yield strength and stress-strain curve and other mechanical properties, the test temperatureand loading rate on the mechanical properties of the LSP membranes, the results show that thetest temperature and loading speed on the mechanical properties of the LSP membranes havea significant impact, including temperature factors play a leading role. With increasing testtemperature, the LSP membrane tensile stress, elastic modulus, showed a downward trend, theelongation tended to increase as the temperature increases.Secondly, the LSP membranes stress-strain curves of different test temperaturesaccording to the linear trend are classified in accordance with a different curve linearsegments fitted LSP membrane stress-strain yield and strengthening phase of the constitutivemodel. Establishment of a unified constitutive equation according to the fitted modelparameters, and to establish the constitutive model curves and experimental tests of the stress-strain curves were compared, and verify the correctness of the constitutive model, that: Thisoffers a constitutive the model can well describe the constitutive relation of the the LSPmembranes under different conditions of temperature and loading speed.Finally,with the test measured results and the microstructure of material combinationon the basis of polymer rheology, fracture mechanics, and other related research, to explore the arrangement of molecular crystals in the LSP membrane deformation, deformation ofbody shape, the key number of micro-cracks the link between changes in the materialdeformation characteristics.

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