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Study and Application on Auxiliary Materials of the Fired-shale Hollow Brick Self-insulation System

Author ZuoChao
Tutor ChenMingFeng
School Chongqing University
Course Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords self-thermal insulation system vitrified expanded perlite masonry mortar fired shale perforated equipped brick engineering application
CLC TU522.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Now the self-insulation wall system of buildings is becoming the commonattention subject by construction parties and the public. With the continual developmentof new and high performance wall materials, the self-insulation wall system have broaddevelopment potential. Through the study on equipped of brick and masonry mortar tofurther improve the self-insulation wall system,will be good for its extension andapplication.This topic is for the situation that the self-insulation wall still used less solid forcement mortar and brick, by the Fired-shale Hollow Brick self-insulation system as theresearch object to study the effect on thermal properties of equipped of brick andmasonry mortar.Choose the vitrified expanded perlite to confect excellent performance ofinsulation masonry mortar. Through the test, when the vitrified expanded perlite andcementing material up to0.31:1, mortar performance meet the JG/T283-2010"expanded vitrified perlite lightweight in masonry mortar" performance requirements.The strength grade of cement and fly ash on the compressive strength of mortar ofgreat influence. Select the32.5grade of strength composite Portland cement or inP·O42.5by adding30%fly ash can preparation mechanical properties meet therequirements of the vitrified expanded perlite masonry mortar. Cellulose ethers, theappropriate dosage is0.2%~0.3%, can significantly improve the workability of thevitrified expanded perlite masonry mortar, reduced the dry apparent density andcompressive strength, increase the absorption rate.Analysis of the hole shape, hole ratio and the hole arrangement on fired shaleperforated equipped brick with mechanical and thermal properties, and use ANSYS todifferent types of burned shale perforated brick with the Stress analysis. The resultsshow that sintering porous with brick design should choose the longitudinal staggeredrectangular holes, a rectangular hole width is about10mm, the long side of therectangular holes perpendicular to the flow direction, to increase the resistance ofporous with brick, and the longitudinal staggered rectangular orifice best.Selection of burned shale perforated brick with sawdust as the pore-forming agentwith sawdust, volume fraction of burned shale perforated brick, with the drying andfiring shrinkages is reduced gradually, products dry apparent density and sawdust content decreased linearly, the compressive strength decreases gradually. To ensure thestrength of not less than10MPa, the maximum amount of sawdust is3%.Use the guarded hot box test different mortar for heat transfer coefficient ofsintered hollow brick masonry in the laboratory.The results showed that the vitrifiedexpanded perlite masonry mortar heat transfer coefficient than cement mortar masonrywas reduced by20%, equivalent thermal conductivity coefficient reduces27%.Withbrick amount about the wall materials of more than20%, by analysis, and sinteringbrick porous brick can be compared, with self thermal insulation wall mean heattransfer coefficient decreases by8%.In actual project, using heat flow meter method testing different mortar firedhollow block wall heat transfer coefficient, and the use of thermocouple and infraredthermography testing energy saving sintered hollow block self-insulation walltemperature distribution.The results show that: the sintered solid brick with internal surface temperaturehigher than that of the main wall about0.9oC, with the inner surface of the sinteredporous brick wall of high temperature than it about0.5oC.Inner surface temperature ofcement mortar joint higher than that of the main wall about0.9oC, inner surfacetemperature the of the vitrified expanded perlite insulation masonry mortar higher thanthat about0.6oC. The vitrified expanded perlite insulation mortar masonry wall thancement mortar masonry insulation resistance is increased by12.5%, the heat transfercoefficient reduces13.4%.

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