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The Performance Testing Research of Concrete Composite Sub Insulation Block

Author OuMengRen
Tutor YangWeiJun; ChenFuZhong
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords Brock New wall materials Energy-saving insulation Experimentalstudy Polystyrene concrete Self thermal insulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Highly developed in human society today, the energy issue has been upgradedto a worldwide problem construction industry as one of the three major pillarindustries in China, close to China’s total energy consumption energy consumptionone-third and wall materials is an important component of China’s constructionindustry, its high output, low energy consumption and production, developed in linewith China’s innovation requirements of new wall materials in the wall on our landresources, energy and had a profound impact on our living environment. Concretecomposite insulation block (below referred to as the YDF block) is response to mywall materials innovation requires new research and development of anenergy-saving thermal insulation wall material. From the brick and energy-savingcourse of our country in recent decades, however, the application of the new buildingwall materials has been the bottleneck of the development of China’s new buildingwall materials and energy conservation, final analysis is production and productionprocess, immature technology, materials-technology-performance is unknown, thedesign and construction technology is not standardized, not complete. This article bya lot of building blocks for performance testing, YDF building blocks of the physicalmechanics performance and its masonry of mechanics to the performance and a morecomprehensive study.On one hand, reference to existing standard test methods for properties of wallmaterials in basic, YDF block of different thickness, water absorption, durability ofthe material, shrinkage and compressive strength and flexural strength and YDFcompressive strength of masonry, along the General shear strength for a morein-depth study. Based on tests, and compare with existing type of wall materials, andbasic physical mechanics performance YDF research and analysis of the basicbuilding blocks and their physical mechanics performance masonry of the basicmechanics, and performance based on my existing wall material specifications forthe wall material for use in the more YDF building blocks of various performanceindicators and to YDF brick masonry and their performance of the basic needs of ourexisting norms of wall material requirements for use.The other hand, YDF, as a new type of wall material, their block through thebiggest bright spot is the "second quality three layer" structure (from sandwich highthermal insulation properties of ordinary concrete materials formed by three-layerpolystyrene concrete in-situ composite) design, in order to achieve a single wall insulation. This article by YDF block connection performance testing, and block thepolystyrene concrete conductivity tests focus on research and analysis, YDF brickand masonry of the thermal performance and YDF overall stability analysis,description, and YDF brick walls of the keep warm system feasibility. The aim: todraw some meaningful conclusions through experimental research, for YDF blockthe production of the production process, technology and block application oftechnology to provide some experimental and theoretical basis.The YDF block is a typical representative of the new wall materials R & D inorder to comply with China’s wall materials requirements. The YDF blockexperimental study physical and mechanical properties and the mechanicalproperties of masonry simultaneously also should be noted that in the actualconstruction done properly explain. Experimental studies have shown that the YDFblock superior performance, social, economic value, has broad application prospects.

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