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Study of Basic Behavior of Trass Concrete Self-conserving Block

Author CongJin
Tutor LiuMing
School Shenyang University of construction
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Volcanic ash-cement self thermal insulation brick brick design mixproportion design physical properties heat transmission coefficienc
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Currently,the world has been pushed forward to deplete resources severely andrapidly.Especially,the energy consumed in building has soared up,accounting for atremendous amount of the social resources consumption.Undoubtedly,building energyconservation is a vital that can not be delayed.Around the globe,organic building,sustainable building,zero energy consuming building,etc are the cutting-edge newideas.China has already carried out the third step of energy conservation,targeting65%.Therefore,it is essential to speed up the development of new self thermalinsulation materials,improve the structural behavior of bricks,complete the insulationsystem as a whole,and eventually,achieve the standard of energy conservationbuilding.Volcanic ash-cement self thermal insulation brick is mainly consisted of volcanicash.Cement,as the adhesion bond material,blended with fly-ash(substitution forcement),could improve the workability.After the progresses of stirring,vibrating,compressing, the mixed material are shaped to be self insulated material,with multiplerows of holes.It’s a self-energy of the block which couldn’t add any insulation material andmeet energy requirements of the Building.Since the study is firstly proposed in China,fewreferences,codes and qualifications can be used.This paper emphasizes the currentstages of Volcanic ash-cement self thermal insulation brick study,introducing thedesign of brick shape,and mix proportion,giving a comprehensive study and analysison the basic physical and thermal behaviors as well as the production.Mainly useful toobtain the following results:(1)This statistical analysis of status by building energy consumption,domesticand international energy efficiency goals,the form of wall insulation,energy-savingtrends and other aspects of the discussion that the single block of insulating materialshave very broad application prospects.(2)In this paper,to improve thermal insulation performance of wall perspectiveof the hole on the block,the arrangement of holes,the air between the layer thickNessand other aspects of system analysis,design the single self-insulation block-insulation block of concrete from volcanic ash to meet energy requirements of thestructure building.The masonry block insulation is verified by theoretical calculation,and heat transfer coefficient is verified by test.Based on above factors,The heatconduction route can be extended and Thermal insulation properties can be improved,To meet the envelope energy requirements on the summer and cold winter region.(3) Based on the brick shape design and material, appropriate mix proportion isdetermined.Brick process and manufacture is also included.Basic physical properties are studied by experiments,discussing and analyzing material performance indexes.This research can provide a reference for scholars to further research.

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