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Optimization Strategies for Building Multipurpose Pipe

Author LiuLinXi
Tutor GuoWeiHong
School South China University of Technology
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Optimize Design strategy The design process
CLC TU990.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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After decades of development, China’s level of architectural creation has madeconsiderable progress, narrowing the gap with the international high level ofarchitectural creation. Even a lot of construction works has been able to master thesame stage with international. These achievements largely remain in the buildingcreation of ideas and expression of the conception, but also with the level of foreigncountries generally have a greater gap between the effect of completion works. Sohow to ensure that the building program to achieve the overall quality is supposed tobe we should focus on consideration in the architectural creation. Multipurpose Pipedesign is an important factor in consideration of the completion of construction andthe actual implementation of the effect.Other hand, all these causes of the problem, have a great relationship withdeviation and vulnerability in the designing of the multipurpose pipe. Especially theunderstanding of multipurpose Pipe is too narrow. This is the most important issueswe have to solve. To post-construction drawing stage must be involved in the layoutof the integrated pipeline, we focus on issues of squeezing space, or collision, andconfliction. This will inevitably dilute the enhancing the role of the whole buildingquality with multipurpose Pipe design.After analysis and reflection on the existing problems, The authors propose theoptimization strategies for building multipurpose pipe. This conception should includethe four major areas like the effect of buildings, comfort, efficient, and economy. Theauthor believes that the optimal pipeline strategy should establish based on theeffectiveness of the whole system. We pursue the pipeline and construction of theequilibrium point. Emphasis on the overall effectiveness of the various aspects ofoptimization.As a complex system, Optimal pipeline target throughout the entire designprocess and design impacts. Part of the pipeline design study included two parts of thedesign strategy and design process。Part of the design strategy is the methodological guidance for the enhancement ofthe integrated pipeline design results. The design strategy should include two largedesign content, one is the pipeline system, the other one is the factors of Buildingdesign. Pipeline system has more emphasis on practical engineering solution, just likeall aspects of measures. And the other side has more pronounced effect inenhancement of the overall quality of multipurpose Pipe design. This strategy providea more rational and more optimized design constraints for the construction and pipeline. The combination of these two aspects is the complete pipeline designstrategy.The design process presentation of the work mode to conducive to optimizationof multipurpose pipe. It is mainly for the work involved multipurpose pipeline designwas too late and lack of effective and timely feedback during the design process.Nowadays multipurpose pipeline designs appear in deeper stage of the technology。Itis just an implementation process of the finished product instead of optimizing thedesign process. Therefore, the entire pipeline process and re-established, are ofprofound significance for the exploration and optimization of the process. Processconcerns focus is in the process of design activities, the feedback of designinformation and professional collaboration.The purpose of this article is proposing specific design methods and practices tooptimize the design of building multipurpose pipe. To do a supplement to the lack oftraditional design approach. Provide a reference for improving the quality of buildingthe overall design. It has theoretical and practical guidance.This study is divided into four main parts.The first part is the first chapter of the thesis. Asking questions and analyze. Thischapter explains the research background, the status of this thesis research frameworkand methodsThe second part is the presentation of papers view and explained the coreconcepts. It provides specific concepts of Optimization Strategies for BuildingMultipurpose Pipe.The third part is to solve the problem. Mainly includes two aspects. First, thirdand fourth chapters of the thesis, the specific elaborated pipeline system ontologydesign strategy and optimize the strategy of the pipeline design conditions. These twostrategies together to complete the strategies of Optimization Strategies for BuildingMultipurpose Pipe. Followed by the fifth chapter, dscribed the design process ofoptimize the strategy.Finally, it is the conclusion of the paper and The concluding remarks of the fulltext

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