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Research in Method of Response Analysis for Jacking Pile in Abaqus

Author XiaoZhengLong
Tutor ZhangGuangHui
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Jacked pile Compaction effect Finite element method Euler method Abaqus
CLC TU473.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Respecting to no noise, no vibration and rapid construction, Jacked pile has been widely used. But its negative impact to surrounding environment by squeezing a large amount of volume into ground can not be ignored. Having been a matter of complex multidisciplinary problem and encountering with all different situations while infrastructure, it is important to explore the mechanism of the driving process of jacked pile for eliminate the negative impact.In this paper, after conclusion of the previous scholars’achievement, simulated the whole driving process of jacked pile with finite element method. The main works of this paper are as follows:1So far the methods that the scholars analysis the pile driving process, are the cavity expansion method, the strain path method, the test method and the finite element method. In the conventional finite element analysis, the widespread adoption of the assumptions of the cavity expansion method, makes it more likely a numerical solution of cavity expansion theory. There are wide range of topics with jacked pile, a brief introduction to the scholars about some of the research achievement of jacked pile were presented then. Jacked pile’s features make decision to the construction method itself, and it is usefull in structure reinforcement as well as in new building.2. Elaborated another method for analysis the driving process of jacked pile-Euler method. The method is more suitable for analysis including large deformation than the Lagrangian method. Combining with DP material mode can achieve the calculation in the case of large deformation of granular materials. Then simulated a pile driving process in a small range of soil, and analyzed the response of soil and the development of resistance during the process. Concluded that grid quality of earth significant impact on earth pressure at rest, and the larger multiple of loading rate will increase the peak of the pile driving resisstance.3Using the Euler method simulated the true scope of the pile driving process, achieved the law of development resistance and response through different driving depth. Using self script deduce the trajectory of soil find that not all soil are move away from the pile, but was more intricately. Compared the distinctions of the soil responses between piles with different tops. Then calculate the distribution of earth pressure on adjacent structures coming from squeezing effect, and discuss the relationships between distribution and the distance of this two. Found that the earth pressure reaches peak at deapth of3/4pile length.

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