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A Grey Correlation Analysis Method for Relationship of the Industrial Structure and Energy Consumption,Hebei Province

Author DuanYaMin
Tutor SuWen
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Resource industries and economic
Keywords industrial structure energy consumption grey correlation analysis method multiplelinear regression model
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The progress of human society depends on the development of economy, and the developmentof economy must rely on the energy’s support and security.Since the reform and opening up, theuse of energy not only promotes economic growth, but also brings serious environmental pollution.There exist many problems on the development of Hebei Province, especially the unreasonableindustrial structure, the unreasonable structure of energy production and consumption and the loweffiency of energy utilization. In2009, the GDP of primary industry accounted for12.81%of totalGDP in Hebei Province,and the energy consumption accounted for0.22%of the total consumption;the GDP of secondary industry accounted for51.98%of total GDP in Hebei Province, and theenergy consumption accounted for80.6%of the total consumption; the GDP of tertiary industryaccounted for35.21%of total GDP in Hebei Province, and the energy consumption accounted for19.18%of the total consumption. In2009, the total amount of energy consumption reached to254.1879million tons standard coal, among them, industrial energy consumption accounted for74.06%of the total energy consumption. From1978to2009, the coal consumption share is between85%and93%, however, the clean energy—gas, water and electricity have been always less than2%of the total energy consumption in our province. Based on this, the energy consumption structureand the energy distribution structure among each industry of Hebei Province are both imbalance. Sowe should develop a low carbon economy and the energy structure needs to be optimized too.According to the theory of the industrial structure’s affection on energy consumption, this paperanalyzes the present situation of the industrial structure and energy consumption in Hebei province,proposed the problem of energy consumption and the industrial structure adjustment andoptimization in Hebei province. This paper uses grey correlation analysis method and multiple linearregression model to analyse the industrial structure adjustment to the influence of the energyconsumption. The empirical results show that the adjustments of industrial structure do influence theenergy consumption, and provide theoretical basis for the policy’s implementation about theadjustment of industrial structure.Finally, this paper puts forward industrial structure adjustmentpolicy suggestions on Hebei Province.Full text is divided into five chapters: The first chapter is the introduction. It reviews the domesticand foreign research situation of the relationship between industrial structure and energyconsumption, and summarizes the main research contents of this paper;The second chapter isabout the theory basis that the industrial structure affects energy consumption. It analyses thisinfluence theoretically;The third chapter analyses the present situation of the industrial structureand the energy consumption in Hebei Province. It analyzes the present situation of the industrialstructure and energy consumption,and researches the relationship between economic growth andenergy consumption,the relationship between thrice industrial、industrial internal structure andenergy consumption. The fourth chapter uses grey correlation analysis method and multiple linearregression model to analyse the relationship between adjustment of industrial structure and energyconsumption. It includes the adjustments of thrice Industrial structure and the data analysis of energyconsumption and thrice Industrial energy consumption、 total energy consumption, the six highenergy-consuming industries and energy consumption structure in Hebei Province. The fifth chapter put forwords policy suggestions on industrial structure adjustment in Hebei Province.According to the results of the empirical analysis, combined with the theoretical analysis, it putsforward some policy suggestions on industrial structure adjustment in Hebei Province.

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