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Criticism of the anti- scientism

Author ShangDaYong
Tutor ZhangZhiCang
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Anti-scientism existentialism scientific pessimism scientific truth
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Since the modern times, the science has transformed the productive forces through Industrial Revolution, creates the unprecedented material wealth for the humanity, so the science becomes the standard that weighs all things. However, since at the beginning of the century, Einstein’s theory of relativity broke Newton’s absolute space-time view, the scientific myth just became the bubble day after day, many scientists, the philosopher had the different limits to the science, but the scientific pessimism directly the energy crisis, the environmental pollution, the ecology unbalanced and so on imputes to the science. Why through several centuries scientifically the practices, today suffers a disastrous decline unexpectedly from absolute truth’s status, reduces to places on a par with the religion and the myth, an important reason is the scientific essence of alienation. In the modern times, this kind of alienation not only causes the science to lose the original esthetics nature, also causes the science after the Industrial Revolution, loses the true, the good and the beautiful the unity. But at the post modernity stage, we must overcome the harm which science flaw own and the dissimilation cause.we should realize that all science and technology take the human brain the acme and the complete history wealth essence, not only already and will continue the truth form which and the practice strength function does not have by one kind may substitute in society’s progress and the development. Science is not only a revolutionary force and the first productive forces, but also represents the future of mankind. Of course, completely took the direction of scientism that is a kind of metaphysics. But from the dialectics of height to recognize and affirm that scientific technology is an important forces to promote the development of modern productive forces, is first essential factor of the modern productive forces development and the economic growth. Modern scientific technology’s advancing has the leader to the development of the productive forces, as well as science is the basic power that promotes the social progress and so on, this is very important regardless of theory or practice.

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