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The Investigation of Low Temperature Sintering of PNN-PZT Ceramics Materials

Author GaoLei
Tutor JiangShengLin
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course IC Engineering
Keywords piezoelectric speaker low sintering temperature PNN-PZT
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the development of portable electronic products toward the small, light, thindirection, multi-layer chip structure in terms of piezoelectric transformers, speakers andfilters are widely used. The match between the ceramic material and the inner electrode isone of the key technologies. In view of the inner electrode with the characteristics of thebase metal silver high conductivity, low melting point(960℃), the ceramic material whichis co-fired with it must have properties as follows: high-voltage constant d33, highelectromechanical coupling coefficient Kp, low dielectric loss tanδ and low mechanicalquality factor Qm and electrical properties, at the same time, a lower sintering temperatureis requested, too. In order to lower sintering temperature, all of the researches are done onPb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3-Pb(Zr,Ti)O3piezoelectric ceramics.First of all, the study on the properties of the system PNN-PZT with different Zr/Tiratio and PNN content indicated the best porperties. The results show that, when the Zr/Tiratio is41/59and the PNN content is0.35, we got the highest dielectric and piezoelectricproperties. The main parameters are: d33=538pC/N,Kp=0.62,Qm=61,ε33T0=3381,tanδ=0.0161.Then, xwt.%0.5Pb0-0.5B2O3and0.1wt.%CuO-xwt.%LiBiO2were added in PNN-PZTdesperately to lower the sintering temperature. We study how the sintering behavior, phasestrucrue, microstructrue and electrical properties changed with the change of the content ofsintering aids. The results show that: when the content of0.5Pb0-0.5B2O3is0.5wt.%, theceramic got the best properties at the sintering temperature of1060℃: d33=479pC/N,Kp=0.55,Qm=79,ε33T0=2904,tanδ=0.0166;when the content of LiBiO2is1wt.%, theceramic got the best properties at the sintering temperature of1000℃: d33=538pC/N,Kp=0.62,Qm=61,ε33T0=3381,tanδ=0.0161。Lastly, since the sintering temperature is still higher than the volatilization temperatureof PbO, PbO can volatilize during the sintering. The infuce of excess PbO on properties ofpiezoelectric ceramics were0.35Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.65Pb(Zr0.41Ti0.59)O3also disucced. The sintering temperature can be reduced to980℃, and the properties were higher: d33=567pC/N, Kp=0.61,Qm=62,ε33T0=3442,tanδ=0.0154.

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