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Research of Pitch and Yaw Control System of Wind Turbine

Author SunGuangTao
Tutor ZhaoGuoCai
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Motor and electrical
Keywords Wind generator Variable pitch Fuzzy control Yaw control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Energy crisis has become increasingly heavier, and the development and use of renewableenergy is the primary means to solve the problems. Wind power is a new green energy, with itsenvironmentally friendly, renewable and other characteristics, and it attracts the majority ofresearchers’ attention. Wind generators are the primary means of access to wind energy, withfurther scientific researches, wind power plants are all over the world. Energy emitted by windturbines account for the proportion of total global electricity generation is increasing.Variable pitch wind turbine with its good performance and high-speed self-adjustingperformance, will gradually replace the fixed pitch wind turbines, and become the main choiceof types of wind turbines. Pitch control system for the study has important practical significance.The major research of this paper is the pitch control system of wind turbine. Againstwith changing of the process for wind speed and amplitude, caused the pitch anglechanged frequently and then led to the system crashes problems, a power for change slipcompensation means and the fuzzy control method has been proposed to improve pitchcontrol system. This paper make a correlation analysis about the wind turbineaerodynamic, and the mathematical model were set up based on this analysis, and lastuse the simulink toolbox for modeling and analysis of simulation models. For the studiesof yaw control system, this paper major analyzes the design requirements of yaw controlsystem, according to the relevant principles of yaw control system design wind turbineyaw control system. The logic control method has been adopted in this paper to achievethe controllability of the process of wind, with accurately track the wind direction andautomatic discharge cable wrapping because of the yaw control system.

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