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Design and Research on the Single-phase Inverter of High Frequency and Low Power Supply

Author LiuXiaoRui
Tutor HePeiXiang; LiQingDong
School Southwestern University
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords High frequency Single phase inverter IKCS12F60F2A
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The switching frequency of IGBT of the high frequency inverter power is higher, some filter parts in the hardware system can be chose smaller, It not only can reduce the volume and weight of the inverter power supply, can also greatly improve the density and performance of the inverter power supply, so the high frequency inverter system in navigation, aviation, car refrigerator and wild places has been widely used. But the high frequency of inverter is also has some problems, such as electromagnetic interference, switching losses increasing. With the rapid development of power electronic technique, the application fields of the high frequency inverter are also augmented, therefore the distortion degree of inverter output waveform, reliability and dynamic response requirements is also higher. So it is very necessary and meaningful to further improve the study of high frequency inverter.In this paper, according to the working principle of the single-phase inverter system determines the overall test design scheme of single phase inverter. In the hardware circuit, the PIC18F23K20of Microchip is chosen as the main control chip, In addition, to ensure the circuit reliability and reduce the electromagnetic interference, we choose the chip of IKCS12F60F2A of Infineon which is integrated of the IGBT driving circuit, over temperature protection circuit and the circuit of the full bridge inverter for the integration. Then the article designs and researches the protection circuit of current and voltage and completed the waveforms control experiment of inverter power. The experiment chooses the output frequency of PWM of the inverter power, the polarity of capacitor, LCL filter for the factors and carrying out the single factor experiment, to text and analysis the output waveform..The results showed improving the switching frequency of IGBT can effectively improve the single-phase sinusoidal output waveform distortion and the output harmonic is less; Increasing the capacitor polarity in the dc side, the output waveform can be obviously improved, the sine degree is greatly improved, at the same time increasing the electrolytic capacitor will make the whole inverter system volume increase, and the electrolytic capacitor is easy ageing. so choosing the electrolytic capacitor size is important, which both to ensure the quality of output waveform, and to guarantee the whole inverter system volume is not too big; The output sine waveform approved by LCL filter is more stable, the wave fluctuation is smaller and the waveform quality is higher than the output sine waveform approved by LC filter. Via analysis, at the same time improving the IGBT switch frequency can appropriately reduce the polarity capacitor and LCL filter, so that it can reduce the volume of inverter system, and can guarantee the output waveform.

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