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Research of Control Method of Photovoltaic Inverter Grid Based on DSP

Author ZhaoJianSong
Tutor LuoLongFu
School Hunan University
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords Solar power Inverter grid Improved SPWM current tracking Gridsynchronous DSP
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Energy crisis and Enviromental pollution have accelerated the research onregenerative energy.Solar energy is the most general of the renewable energy.Inaddition,the reduction of solar bettery’s price and the improvement of powerelectronic technology and automatic control technology have made solar powerbecome the mainstream of generating new energy.Solar energy grid generation is an effective method of using solar energy,so thephotovoltaic grid-connected is one important study direction of use of solarenergy.Grid-connected inverter is the key device of photovoltaic grid-connectedsystem,and it hold the decisive effect of energy conversion.As the development ofscience and technology, with the appearance of some high-performance Digital SignalProcessor chip,it is possible that some most advanced control strategies can be used tophotovoltaic grid-connected.This paper mainly study the principle of photovoltaicgrid-connected,the sructure of system,the control strategy of grid inverter,and somekey technology,besides I have designed the single-phase photovoltaic grid-connectedinverter based on TMS320F2812.This paper elaborates the work principle of photovoltaic grid-connected powergeneration. The work principle of photovoltaic cell,DC/DC and DC/AC have beenresearched respectively.The simulation model is made to stduy the job characteristicsof photovoltaic cells model.The topology structure of gird-connected inverter and thecontrol strategy of current tracking are also studied in this paper.Different topologystructure have different advantages and disadvantages.Different current tracking havedifferent pros and cons.Finally,the two surface league topolagy structure andimproved SPWM current tracking have been choosed.On the foundation of theoretical analysis, the inverter with160watts isdesigned.One whole control strategy is proposed to achieve inverter grid andMPPT.The improved SPWM current tracking is tested by simulation.Appopriatecomponents have been selected by calculating their parameters.The hardware andsoftware designing of the single-phase photovoltaic grid inverter is made on the baseof DSP,the hardware part mainly including sample circuit,zero examinationcircuit,isolating amplifier circuit and protecting circuit.The software part mainlyachieve data processing,grid frequency capture,improved SPWM,nets pressure synchronous and fault disposing.The expetimental circuit have been set up, and the hardware and softwaredesigning also have been design to do some experimental debugging.From theexperimental datas and waves,we can know the rationality of control strategy and thesystem designing.

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