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H chemical enterprises cooling loop quality control

Author ChenJun
Tutor QinKaiDa
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Business Administration
Keywords Total quality management Quality cost Quality improvement Quality control Examination
CLC F426.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Whole world economic integration today, the chemical enterprise is facing even more keen competition, makes the quality technical change,reduces the production cost, improves the product quality, is enhances the enterprise competitive ability the basic way, also is the enterprise survival and the development safeguard But the domestic quality control is in the study overseas advanced management. The last century 80’s are to the Japanese study quality control, establish the QC group model which in the business management is most commonly used,to the 90’s were to western nation study and so on the US, established the quality control system. In the 21st century, let the customer satisfy has already become enterprise’s management idea, also was the quality administration center pursue goal The quality control passes through entire production working procedure among, is needs the whole staff to participation, affects the product quality the factor to have many kinds of, except craft technology, examination method, but also includes the environmental factor, human factor and so on Validly checks these influence quality the factor, is the product quality obtains the guarantee the foundationAn enterprise needs to want to survive day by day in keen competition, only has unceasingly improves the product quality to cater to customer’s demand In order to achieve the enterprise the profit maximization, satisfies the market the need, validly enhances the enterprise the competitive ability and the survivability, only has the change existing control mode, improves the product quality thus only then to have the market competition strength. How reduces the quality cost, achieved the quality continues the goal which improves, is the quality control key. This article from starts to understand to the advanced quality control thought that, to in coor with progress of production actual application, the effective addressing enterprise has produced the actual problem.The H chemical industry enterprise, through breaks diligently, the confrontation quantity control system carries on continues to improve, unifies the valid drive measure, staff quality consciousness unceasingly strengthens, the quality control system obtains validly runs. Along with enterprise’s development, the contract task/role increases, the company various departments all fully analyze the situation, in sums up experience in the foundation, dares to innovate, takes the valid measure, improves the personnel quality and the ability, raised the specialized control level, the craft technology and the production line equipment also obtained the improvement, thus adaption nowadays economical fast development. At the same time, strengthens with customer’s exchange and the communication, pays attention to the customer demand, improves the product quality, implements customer’s satisfaction. Since long ago, the enterprise obtains the good development, the customer group expansion, every year the order form adding, all was depends on the quality to win customer’s trust.The H chemical industry enterprise is a large-scale chemical plant, has the certain market share, in order to improve the product quality, the improvement working procedure, obtains the competitive advantage well, this article knew through the confrontation quantity control tendency understanding, the use quality control method, the quality improvement tool, has made the improvement to enterprise’s essential device and the working procedure, if the circulating water improvement and reduces the essential device failure rate, optimized enterprise’s production process, reduced the production cost, enhanced enterprise’s economic efficiency.

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