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Research on Coordinated Control Strategies of Micro-sources for Wind/PV/Battery Micro-grid

Author ZhangJiaJun
Tutor ZhaoDongMei; LiuHaiTao
School North China Electric Power University
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords Wind power Photovoltaic generation Energy storage system Micro-grid Multi-sources Coordinated control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In recent years, microgrid technology which integrates wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, fuel cells, microturbines and other distributed power, as well as various types of energy storage devices, has got a lot of attention. Microgrid can overcome to some extent the defects of the output of distributed power, including random and intermittent, use distributed generation more rational and efficient, improve energy efficiency, solve the problem of power supply to remote areas. But microgrid as a new solution for renewable energy generation, there are many technical problems to be solved. Multi-sources coordinated control is an important guarantee to solve microgrid steady run, to reduce the impact on distribution network, to improve running economy andenergy efficiency.This paper studies the mathematical models and control strategies of the permanent magnet direct drive wind power systems, photovoltaic systems, battery energy storage system, as well as the operation characteristics of the microgrid.Based on these studies, a multi-sources coordinated control strategy integrated hierarchical control and energy management thoughts is proposed. And researches the implementation of the coordinated control strategy based on the microgrid wind/pv/battery projects.The main research work of this dissertation is presented as follows:(1) An overview of the existing micro-source control methods and micro-grid control strategies. Respectively analyze the mathematical models and the control strategies of wind power, photovoltaic generation, energy storage systems. Bulid the simulation model of the micro-grid using DIgSILENT simulation software. Detailed analyze the operating characteristics of grid connected, isolated and mode conversion process of the micro-grid. Verify the feasibility and validity of the micro-grid using the PQ-V/f control mode.(2) Analyze the existing micro-grid coordination control ideas, then propose a multi-sources coordination control strategy of wind/pv/battery micro-grid based on hierarchical control and energy management thoughts. Give the framework of the coordinated control strategy and coordinated control strategies between micro-sources and energy storage of various conditions. Simulate and vertify the coordination control statrgies of micro-sources and energy storage of grid connected and isolated operation modes.(3) Research the implementation method of the coordinated control strategy, including data acquisition and storage, micro-grid central controller hardware and the software, as well as micro-grid energy management master.Briefly analyze the operating results of the micro-grid.In this paper, the research is carried out in accordance with the micro-grid, discover a practical multi-sources coordination control strategy of micro-grid and its implementation method. This research has certain reference for the construction and application of the actual microgrid project.

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