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Application of the Integrated Substation Control of Substation under the ISCS

Author LiDongNi
Tutor JiangJinLiang; HuangDeLiang
School South China University of Technology
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords City Rail Transport Comprehensive Monitoring System Electric MonitoringComprehensive automation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years domestic city rail transport has come into a large-scale construction period.Meanwhile, as the development with science technology and computer integration technology,the idea that integrating several subway mechanical and electrical systems through one unionplatform becomes possible. Guangzhou Subway has taken the lead in using the comprehensi--ve integration technology on Line3, the rail transport in domestic, drawing lessons fromforeign successful experience of system integration. This system can effectively collectmonitoring information together which central dispatch personnel and the station attendantconcerns. And through graphical man-machine interface, it can conveniently and effectivelymonitor whole line’s mechanical and electrical system operating, which making informationsharing and coordinated interaction between underlying systems into truth and highly improvethe automation level of rail transport project.With the continuous application of comprehensive monitoring system, as well as thedevelopment of itself, Rail Transport Line5of Guangzhou changed system model firstly. Topinformation inheritance model was replaced by Depth integration model, which makessubstation comprehensive automation monitoring into truth under comprehensive monitoringmodel. According to engineering experience, find out deficiency. And related improvementopinions have been put forward in the subsequent engineering construction. IncludingPSCADA, BAS, FAS, ACS, etc, subway comprehensive monitoring acquire accurately controland more professional interface because of special. How to make the control of substationcomprehensive automation system into realize, make real-time monitoring and data acquisitionabout operating equipments of substation and contact nets, and finish accident analysis andmaintenance, repair scheduling management about worksite system equipment are the taskabout this subject research after premise of highly automation control about several systems,which is in order to make Central power dispatch subsystem under comprehensive monitoringsystem can control the Power supply equipments of city rail transport substations from time totime, as well as monitoring and data acquisition. Dispatch personnel monitor the operation ofsystem equipments from time to time; master various system accidents and incidents ofworksite system in time, conduct dispatching command, accident emergency rescue andaccident treatment accurately, ensure the safety and reliable power supply.

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