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Research on the Construction Technology of Carbon-fiber Composite Core Wire

Author JinZuo
Tutor ZhanHuaMao; ChenYuan
School North China Electric Power University
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords carbon-fiber composite core wire compression-type hardware compression repair sheaves stringing sheaves
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With its technical advantages such as light weight, high strength, high temperature, etc, the carbon-fiber composite core wire has been widely used. Since2008, our own R&D carbon-fiber composite core wire had been applied successfully. Along with the carbon-fiber composite core wire rapidly expanded in recent years, the wedge-type hardwares used in the domestic earlieris not only expensive, but the continuous tension method for long distance also can not be achieved, due to the size of the wedge-type splice is too big, together with the lackness of construction and operating experience for the carbon-fiber composite core wire, and there has been no precedent at home and abroad for a practical application of stringing method for a big cross which is much more difficult than conventional ones. These issues make the research of the construction technology of the carbon-fiber composite core wire’s crimping, repairing and stringing more urgent.The study of the hardwares for carbon-fiber composite core wire mainly contains the abilities of the hardwares’grip strength, current-carrying capacity, the sizes of the splices, and the products’prices, in which the abilities of the hardwares’grip strength is the vital point. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of the existing wedge-fit fittings were compared firestly. Then, the compression tests of the compression-type dead-end for the traditional ACSR were performed. On this basis, the somededicated compression-type hardwares for our own carbon-fiber composite core wire including dead-ends and splices were designed, which solved the problem that the wedge-typesplices’dimensions were too long and the priceis were too high. At the same time, the repairtests of the carbon-fiber composite core wire were performed. After that, the tension and elevated temperature tests of the repaired wires, repair sleeves, dead-ends and splicesare were also performed and the results verified the abillites of the repairand the current-carrying capacity.In addition, a set of stringing sheaves test system and sheaves for stringing the carbon-fiber composite core wire through big angles was designed. On this basis, sheaves tests of carbon-fiber composite core wire under different conditions of the blocks, angles and tension were did. The tests successfully simulated the stringing sheaves processes under different conditions and verified the effectiveness of the test system.

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