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Research on Lightning Protection Tactics to Reduce the Risk of Regional Transmission Line

Author XuBin
Tutor LiuGang; ChenXiYang
School South China University of Technology
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords Lightning current amplitude probability Lightning protection measures Powerfrequency voltage Residual voltage of lightning arrester Lightning stroke riskmodel
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Transmission line is the main artery of electric power system, it’s safy operationdirectly affecting the stability of the power grid to the user and reliable power supply. And thepower system accident usually accounts for more than50%of the lightning disturbance basedon operating experience. With the improvement of the voltage level of the transmission lines,tower height, width of the corridor is also a corresponding increase, so it’s more likely beingstruck by lightning. In order to reduce the losses caused by lightning accidents, it is necessaryto study the specific area of the lightning activity patterns and the accurate assessment of thelightning resistant performance of the transmission lines. And it should put forwardreasonable lightning protection strategies to reduce the risk of transmission lines lightning.This paper firstly based on the lightning location system monitoring data, from regionalactual lightning activity conditions, screening statistics the dongguan area lightning activitydistribution, and summarizes the lightning flash distribution, regional lightning disturbanceand trip line corridor area topography distribution. And through the data, fit out suitablelightning current amplitude probability distribution function and lightning current probabilitydensity formula for the dongguan area. It can give the guidance to the accurate evaluation ofhigh voltage transmission line about lightning protection performance.Second, from the whole of the transmission line, this paper builds the lightning riskmodel of high voltage lines in the characteristics of the actual lightning activity, at the sametime, this paper also gives frequency voltage transmission lines lightning trip rate calculationmethods, it improves lightning performance computing algorithms to achieve line lightningaccurate assessment of performance. And this paper established the transmission linelightning risk assessment and protective measures analysis system through the risk model andimproved new lightning trip-out rate calculation method to achieve the effect of the existinglightning protection performance assessment of the actual line. According to the lightningprotection performance principle of the lightning arrester and coupling ground, this paperanalysed the effect of the measures to reduce line lightning risk. This paper combining thecalculation of the actual line, concluded that two kinds of lightning protection measures ofoptimizing configuration scheme.Finally, based on the actual line lightning stroke risk assessment results, this paper putsforward several typical lightning protection measures, such as the arrester, increasinginsulator piece number, reducing the grounding resistance and transformation plan. Then thispaper analyzes the various protective measures to reduce line lightning stroke risk protective effect. It provides the guidance to the relevant technical production departments in linelightning stroke risk assessment technology and lightning protection.

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