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Lightning Protection and Grounding of Overhead Power Lines

Author XuHangHang
Tutor WangJinYu; HuangXuDong
School Northeast University of Petroleum
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords overhead power lines lightning ground
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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35kV~110kV overhead power lines of the main power supply and distribution network,which is mainly responsible for the task to provide electricity for the majority of usersdirectly. However, due to the network through diverse terrain, landforms, like a spiderweb-like network structure is very complex, the insulation level of the line low, accordingto statistics, the voltage level of the grid, the high rate of lightning trip, and often occur indistribution transformers, disconnect, line insulator lightning bad accident, caused seriouslosses to the national economy and people’s lives, and therefore, in order to ensure the safeand stable operation of the power system, to take effective lightning protection measures,35~110kV overhead power line lightning protection and grounding analysis and research,to identify the lightning Disturbance frequent reasons, looking for ways to improve andperfect the measures is very necessary.In this paper, based on research and analysis of overhead lines lightning protection andgrounding system principle, by understanding the application of overhead lines, newproducts, new technologies, new applications. The principle of these new products andtechnologies, and summarizes the comparative analysis of the advantages anddisadvantages of the Various lightning protection and grounding measures concluded.Effective lightning protection and grounding protection measures in order to ensure thesafe and stable operation of the power system, so the research overhead power lines has aVery important significance.

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