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Study on the Formula and Characteristics of Front Side Silver Paste for Silicon Solar Cells

Author DingZuo
Tutor FuMing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
Keywords solar cells front side silver paste ohmic contact glass frit hotoelectric properties
CLC TM914.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Front-side silver paste as an important manufacture material in the photovoltaicindustry plays a critical role in the performance of crystalline silicon solar, since it isstrongly related to the series resistance Rswhich is the basic cell figure. Derived from thesilver-silicon Ohmic contact mechanism and the micro-formation in firing through point,the relationship between the silver-silicon Ohmic contact resistance and the solar cell seriesresistance is analyzed. The formula of front-side silver pastes for solar cell electrode isdesigned. In the composition of this invention, the silver powder accounts for80to90wt%,the glass frit1to10wt%, and the organic vehicle10to20wt%of the paste. Some additivesare also used in the present pastes.25kinds of PbO-B2O3-SiO2glass frits which are suitable for front-side metallizationare prepared. The amount of PbO and B2O3is from50to90wt%, and the amount of SiO2and other oxides from10to50wt%in those glass frits.9kinds of Bi2O3-B2O3-SiO2glassfrits which are suitable for front-side metallization are prepared. The amount of Bi2O3andB2O3is from70to90wt%, and the amount of SiO2and other oxides from10to30wt%inthose glass frits. Under the firing process, those lead and bismuth glasses can etch thesilicon nitride antireflective coating, and offer channels for the silver-silicon interfacechemical reaction.Series of spherical and flake silver powders are prepared out of the synthesis by thechemical reducing silver nitride and the modification by the ball mill process. According tothe investigation of the relationship between particle shape in the pastes and front silvercontact resistance, the conductive functional phrase compositions of front-side pastes aredecided. The content of spherical powder is80100wt%, meanwhile the content of flakepowder is020wt%of the total silver powder.Additive experiments of metal group like Zn, Ti and Pb prove that the using amount ofmicro zinc powder in the front silver paste is preferably in the range of0.51.5wt%.Additive experiments of silver oxide powder prove that the using amount of micro silveroxide powder in the front silver paste is preferably in the range of0.54wt%. Additive experiments of phosphides prove that the amount of the inorganic phosphide in the frontside paste is preferably0.01wt%, and the organic phosphide preferably in the range of0.020.08%.This front-side silver paste is effective for the silicon solar cell manufacturing.

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