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Design of Multi-channel Battery Formation System Based on Ethernet and MS/TP

Author YangZhen
Tutor ZhouNing
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords Rechargeable Battery Battery Formation System MS/TP Ethernet
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, as the telecommunications industry’s rapid development and the information technology is becoming more and more popular, and consumer electronics products’emerge in large numbers, coupled with the rapid development of electric cars, the rechargeable battery is widely used. However, the capacity of single cell rechargeable battery is low, can not meet the requirements of battery performance in industrial field, must be used in group in order to improve performance. So the consistency of single cell battery become a important factor for the performance of the battery group. The battery formation system is a equipment to improve single cell battery’s consistency in battery group by the way of capacity grading.Battery formation system sends down operation scheme by upper computer, the lower controller execute scheme and upload the voltage, current, capacity, time and other information to PC in the implementation process, The PC display the real-time data in the user interface and record the important data for battery capacity grading.In the mass production of the battery, the precision of battery capacity grading depends on instantaneity and communication efficiency of the battery formation system. At present, the domestic battery formation equipment field starts later, universal exist the problem of poor real-time communications, low efficiency, can not meet the requirements of multi channel-large quantities battery production. In view of the above problems, this thesis designs a battery formation system based on Ethernet and MS/TP, solves these problems depend on the cost and performance. The main contents are as follows:(1) Analysis the main functions of the system, completed the functional description of the system, because of the deficiency of the traditional master-slave system architecture, we design a system architecture based on Ethernet and MS/TP double network, comparative analysis shows the advantage of the new system architecture.(2) Considering the battery formation system’s cost and performance and other aspects, we complete of the system hardware design, including the selection of chip and the design of hardware circuit, use Ethernet interface module to replace the traditional serial port module to communicate with PC, solves the communication bottleneck.(3)Successfully transplant MS/TP link layer protocol to the under layer communication network, and make it run steady through the long-time debugging, sufficient play serial communication efficiency; aim at the battery formation system specific environment, we design a customized Ethernet protocol frame format; In order to improve the communication efficiency, we designed a master-slave and event trigger combined communication mode in the application layer.(4) Complete the transit board and the master control board software design depend on modular and hierarchical idea. The program debugging and the application expanding become more convenient, efficiency.According to the test of the battery formation system, the AD measurement accuracy can reach the requirement. On the premise of the equipment consists of128channels, the system can achieve0.8S upload period in each channel, meet the minimum recording time interval1S standard in PC setting scheme. After a long period of high load test, it is proved that the system is practical, reliable, good stability, can meet large scale production needs.

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