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The Research Based on Led Lighting System with the Cpv Technology

Author JieShaSha
Tutor WangZhiBin
School Yanshan University
Course Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords CPV technology Fresnel concentrator Fresnel lens Second match light design TracePro simulation
CLC TN312.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Green energy and sustainable development are the major tasks that the mankind haveto face in twenty-first Century. The low-carbon economy themed as the green,environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction has been become the主题of the technological development in future. The solar energy, a kind of clean renewableenergy, has been rapidly developed in the worldwide. LED as a new generation of greenlight source also has begun to be widely used in a variety of lighting situations. The solarLED streetlamp combined with new energy and lighting technology must would have agreat development space. And it will lesd us into a new era of green energy-saving.With the appear of new energy-saving LED lamps, solar LED streetlamp because ofits good energy saving effect has received a widely attention and application, and be usedfor the main road lighting increasingly. Therefore, the requirements of system’s efficiencyand light uniformity are also unceasing rise. This paper mainly studied the solar LEDstreet lamp lighting system, designed a solar concentrator and LED street lamp lens fromthe two aspects of improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells andLED road lamp illumination uniformity. According to the requirements of the design, putforward two optical design. And completed their solid modeling in the software of Pro/E.Making optical simulations to condenser and lens through the software of TracePro. Andgiving the illuminance distribution of the road’s surface by 18 LED street lamps’opticalsimulation in the road lighting simulation software of Dialux.The result are verified isfeasibility.This paper is based on the solar panel of 120W high-power LED street light as theresearch object. To increase the sun light density by using the Fresnel lens. Makingsunlights focusing action refracted to the solar panel as much as possible. It could increasethe photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells and reduce solar illumination areaeffectively.In the LED street lamp lighting system, the emit light’s angle of LED light source islarge and extremely non-uniform. This problem can be solved through the method of second optical design, and to obtain the uniform irradiation of pavement. This paper putsforward a design of the LED street lamp lens of a non axisymmetric free form surface.Using this lens can realize high efficiency in a single lens module, rectangular light spot,and the bat wing far field angle distribution. In general, they can realize ideal rectanglelight spot on the road of LED lights, and avoid light loss and waste.

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