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Simulation of Optical Components and Analysis of Test Methods for LED Street Lamp

Author LvFeng
Tutor ChenZhe
School Jinan University
Course Optics
Keywords LED stent color uniformity optical crystal depolarizer state ofpolarization LED street lamp test method
CLC TM923.34
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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There are three main parts in this article: stent design for LED and coloruniformity simulation for white LED, optical crystal depolarizer simulation andexperiment, research of test method for street lamp.The project of stent design for LED and color uniformity simulation is main tosolve the problem of color non-uniformity for white LED. Which is to improve thecolor non-uniformity, by changing the structure of stent, in the condition of notreduce the luminous efficiency. In this thesis, when there is no phosphors instent, the effect of changing opening angle and depth to largest light intensity, the sumof angle of half light intensity, light distribution curve, luminous efficiency issimulated by the optical design software ASAP. Also.In this thesis, when there isphosphors in stent, the effect of changing opening angle and depth to the sum ofangle of half light intensity, light color, luminous efficiency is simulated. whenthere is phosphors in stent,the depth of reflective cup not change,the opening angleincreases gradually, the change rate for the sum of angle of half light intensity is lessthan5%,the luminous efficiency shows no obvious regularity,but it has a trend ofincrease. when the angle of reflective cup not change,the depth increases gradually,the change rate for the sum of angle of half light intensity is less than5%,theluminous efficiency shows no obvious regularity,but it has a trend of decrease. whenthere is phosphors in stent,change the angle and depth of reflective cup can notchange the color uniformity for white LED.Finally, this paper combine with thesimulation results give concrete parameters for LED stent with a sort of chip. In thecase of adding scattering particles in stent, it can improve the color uniformity forLED.The purpose of optical crystal depolarizer simulation and experiment is to developa pigtailed integrated optical crystal depolarizer which is applicable to monochrome,narrow spectrum, short pulse light. This article simulated the effects of self-focusinglens and optical fiber for depolarized light, and the degree of polarization(DOP) wascalculated with the optical design software ASAP..In certain conditions, self-focusing lens improve the degree of disorder to the state of polarization(SOP) ofdepolarized light, and it reduce the DOP。The projectt of test method analysis for LED street lamp is main to test thephotometry and colorimetry parameters for LED street lampt in factory and studythe principle of the test instrument in factory. It also analyse the test date betweenfactory and the national testing organizations, comparing their differences and analysethe reasons.The reason mainly is the following points:(1)The principle of theinstrument is different.(2)The accuracy of instrument is different,as well as lightprobe aging,whether the calibration is done on a regular.(3)The error caused byhuman factors,the distance of lamps is not reasonable, too close or too far.Whenlamps on the instrument,posture is not right.The dark room is lighe leaking or there isreflective material in it.In this thesis, the test equipments and test principle for LEDstreet lamps are introduced, the testing method is experimented and analysed. In thisthesis, free curved surface lens for lighting are tested,and the failure of function isanalyzed. The failure of function for free curved surface lens mainly light soure andfree curved surface lenscenter misalignment. In this thesis,the distribution of thecolor temperature of LED street lamp is tested,and it give some advice to improvethe uniformity of color temperature distribution.The main research work of this thesis are:(1) When there is no phosphors in stent or there is phosphors in stent, the effect ofchanging opening angle and depth to characteristics of luminescence wassimulated(2) This thesis simulated the effects of self-focusing lens and optical fiber fordepolarized light, and the degree of polarization(DOP) was calculated with theoptical design software ASAP.The state of polarization was tried to simulated fordepolarized light travel through optical fiber. 3. The test method and principle of test instruments was analysed, it can provide thebasis for standardized test method.

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