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Research on Evaluation of Cultivated Land Productivity and Touch-Screen Query System Based on GIS

Author ZuoJinHua
Tutor MaYouHua
School Anhui Agricultural University
Course Soil
Keywords Evaluation of Cultivated Land Productivity GIS Spatial Variability Touch-Screen System Fengyang county
CLC S126
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The essence of cultivated land is irreplaceable, and is the most basic material agricultural production of human survival. With the continuous development of society, the population, resource and environment pressure increased, and in order to realize them for sustainable development, must strengthen the effective management of arable land.However,the second soil investigation can be traced to the20years ago, the cultivated land quality and soil fertility status have changed greatly in our country,so it is necessary to the cultivated land fertility of the new and overall investigation and evaluation.Fengyang county, which is the birthplace of rural reform in Chnia,located in the downland region which between Yangzi river and Huai river, has a typical downland and low hill landform. Its rugged topography’s characteristic is that the South is higher than the North, while the soil parent material’s types are very complicated. On the one hand, the county’s low-yield plowland takes up a major part of all plowland and spreads widely. On the other hand, people exploit and use the soil resources in an irrational way. Consequently, there are very huge differences in the plowland’s soil nutrients and fertility condition in the different places of the county. Only to identify the county’s farmland soil fertility, based on production capacity, environmental quality and soil barriers in order to plan for the development of agricultural restructuring, agricultural safety planning, sustainable agricultural development planning, farmland protection and construction quality, and land improvements provide a scientific basis and utilization.Therefore, this article takes the cultivated land fertility Fengyang county as example to survey, in the geographic information system and computer technology, under the support of Fengyang county realized to study the assessment of the cultivated land fertility, and have achieved some progress, the main results are as follows:1. Spatial variability of soil nutrients.In the process of cultivated land productivity evaluation,this research analyzed the spatial variability of the main soil nutrients,which included organic matter,total nitrogen,phosphorus and available potassium,and made their spatial distribution map using Geostatistic and GIS technology,to understand the spatial distribution of each nutrient clearly.The result indicated that all studied soil nutrients presented moderate variability,and the variation coefficients showed in order of P>K>OM>N.The results suggested that semi-variance structures for spatial variability of soil nutrient content existed in the study area.OM and N exhibited moderate spatial variability,which were caused by structure and random factors,however,P and K displayed weak spatial variability,which were mainly caused by the random factors.Moreover,the spatial distribution of soil nutrient content was different from each other,but there was also a certain similarity in some area.2. Evaluation of cultivated land productivity of Fengyang. According to the integrated fertility index of all the evaluate units, cultivated land in Fengyang was classified into five grades using the cumulative frequency curve method. Grading Map of cultivated land productivity and statistic was were carried out using Mapgis6.7.The area and percentage of the first,second,third,fourth,fifth grade were8688.68ha,12.07%,15264.45ha,21.20%,21068.09ha,29.26%,18311.74ha,25.43%,8670.60ha,12.04%.At the same time,we got the status of the geographical distribution and administrative regional distribution of different grade of cultivated land.3. Touch-screen inquires system. Through the soil testing and fertilizer system and touch screen technology, combining by Microsoft Access a database, using C#with Microsoft.net Framework, the environment for development environment, adding GIS components used to map development, finally realizes the form with touch screen operation fertilizer soil testing and touch-screen query system. System including regional fertilization, precision fertilizer application, soil nutrients, soil fertility evaluation and distribution of five modules query.

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