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The Culture of Function Bacteria and Bateria Colony’s Change in Compound Microorganism Fertilizer by Dgge

Author LiShuo
Tutor ZhangPeng
School Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy
Keywords Microorganism Fertilizer DGGE Bacteria ColonyChange Fixing-nitrogen Bacteria Phosphorus-dissolving Bacteria Potassium-releasing Bacteria screening raises Culture
CLC S144
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The microorganism fertilizer promote crops growth,transform someunavailable around the boundary to available by microorganism itself to makeplant get the specific fertilizer effectiveness. Function microorganism are putinto the low price industry and agriculture organic abandon in the matter tomake the microorganism organic fertilizer.The microorganism fertilizer’s usereduced the chemical fertilizerr’s use,and it can satisfie our food securityrequest.To raise the output to abuse chemical fertilizer blindly unceasinglytoday, simultaneously satisfied the people to enhance day by day to foodsecurity require. The simple operator, low cost reduced the cost, also tallies tothe resources circulation use request also tallies to the resources recycle use.Although the microorganism fertilizer already is their a long time, but itssystem is not standard. Moreover the research and development are also lackof details and science auxiliary analysis. First, I screen and identify three strains which have the ability of fixingnitrogen,desolving phosphorus ore and releasing potassium chloride. Thepurpose bacteria N2,P1,K5,were identified by Klebsiella oxytoca, Bacilluscereus and Bacillus mucilaginous by equenced their specific16s rDNA.Then, Their effective number was impacted by temperature> the ratio of C/N> pH> speed.Their best culture conditions were32℃,C/N=30, pH=7.0,140rpm(up to1.78×1010CFU﹒mL-1) after48hours.And then use industry and agriculture waste material(material corncob) toproduct solid microorganism organic fertilizers. To considered the effect andcost foundation we has determined the best solid media allocated proportionPeat: Shale: Corncob: Treacle=50:20:15:15, the optimum temperature is35℃, the initial pH value is7. I also studied three bacteria’s colony changewhen they are alone and mixed. And add a small amount of natural growthfactor containing substances on bacterial growth change.Finally observe thesterilization of culture medium and not on functional bacteria growth changeby DGGE after it was optimized.It is a important job for reducing cost foratual productionFinally I carried on the application experiment to the liquidmicroorganism fertilizer and confirmed its has been possible to make the smallcolza’s blade width increase by17.08%, adult plants to increase by13.24%,the fresh weight on surface increase by20.09%,while it did not cause theseedling growth to have the excessive growth during the initial period. Based on the sample, I has studied the change of function bacteria in soil,anddiscovered that these three bactria growth is good, and may also increase thebiodiversity in the soil.

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