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Open pit production accidents studied because of the risk management measures

Author WeiYanMin
Tutor DaiXiaoJiang
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords Open pit mine risk management human factors ergonomic risk risk control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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According to the traditional view of security management, the direct cause of the accident is the unsafe behavior of the people, objects of unsafe condition. The statistical analysis showed that the mass production of casualties, the vast majority of production safety accidents due to human factors. The current incident from the human factors control method is mainly the education and training for all staff and management systems, and risk control measures from the people and methods by the perspective of the operator on the job specific "point to point (PTP)" people Research conducted for risk control is not enough depth.The risk identification for "Ergonomic risk" is more difficult than Tangible "thing for risk", and risk control measures for the "human factors" is difficult to systematize and immobilized. Therefore, to discuss the risk management for means and methods, can theoretically and management methods to carry out deep research, and on the basis of the study of people realize the innovation for risk management methods.In this paper, first, the characteristics, because of the risk factors, this paper analyzes the risk of in form and roots, and analyzes the risks and dangers for harmful factors relationship.According to "The guide of standardized specification of work safety for metal and nonmetal mines"(AQ2007.1-2006), the key mission defined, combined with the management "80-20 rule" thinking, through a lot of empirical analysis, and points out that the production of risk management should grasp the key tache key management and control. In task for jobs on the basis of analysis of the application of quantitative analysis method, defines the scope of key tasks. Based on this, advances the risk control for the key personnel from the concept, professional standards, from the post responsibility, highly specialized skills, professional knowledge and qualified for conditions and other aspects of the management. And from improve homework personnel operating reliability to reduce the probability of risk because of a stratified analysis key personnel risk control management.To the people of this principle as the guiding ideology, to improve the basic reliability of workers as the target, due to factors that were key personnel management from the base layer of management to the management control level by level, and from the high professional standards for key personnel from the job responsibilities, professional skills, expertise and qualifications in areas such as appointment management.According to risk management theory and human factors risk study concluded, were developed for key personnel, risk control for risk management tools-PRCATS. PRCATS use Excel as a database management software platform and user interface, data management information to key personnel and mine existing data for risk factor management based on data in the database, using VBA code to achieve the same or different data back-end database data conversion tables, screening, calls, integration, visualization and real-time applications in the form of reports submitted to the key tasks for different people for different levels of risk control file. PRCATS shows from the recruitment, training, pre tips, one pair of job evaluation and other key personnel positions, "Point to Point (PTP)" the specific management requirements, to solve the human factors in risk management education, training and operations management for general, broad and adverse effects of the problem. Results can be open pit or other manufacturers because of the risk of human knowledge and control methods for reference.

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