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Different Amounts of Loess Improved Gangue Effect and Its Influence on Five Kinds of Plants Growth

Author ZhangJingZuo
Tutor ZhangHongJiang; ZhangChengLiang
School Beijing Forestry University
Course Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
Keywords Coal gangue Physical and chemical properties Matrix improvement Improvement effect Rsistance plant
CLC S154.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In the view of requirements of the vegetation restoration on coal gangue. This paper researches the imporved coal gangue by the surrounding loess which is the most economical at Yangquan City, in Shanxi, by the approach of indoor and outdoor tests and comprehensive analysis method research on different proportions of loess improving effects on the pH, salinity, water penetration and shear resistance of coal gangue, in order to find the most scientific ratio of the proportion of coal gangue and loess. This study researches for the shear force measuring instrument which has been declared invention patent and the determination method.The main conclusions are the following:(1) The loess improving efection of the acidic on coal gangue is obvious, both negativeiy related (y=0.1804x3-2.2946x2+9.3436x-4.3133, R2=0.9832).When loess addition amount to25%, the soil is neutral, suitable to the growth of most plants, The loess improving the salty content of gangue is not obvious, a negative correlation (y=-13.064x3+23.376x2-14.004x+3.7904,R2=0.9991);When join in the proportion of loess total62.5%, the mixed soil salt reduced to0.97%.(2) Mixed the loess and coal gangue,soil porosity, saturated with water, capillary capacity, are increased by added of loess content, on the contrary the soil water infiltration rate and the steady infiltration rate are negatively related with loess content, beginning infiltration rate:62mm/min reduced to13mm/min, steady infiltration rate:10.3mm/min reduced to1.2mm/min. The experiment proved that Horton model is much accuracy to simulate eleven different proportion of the mixing soil(R2=0.97), and the numerical simulation is more closer to the measured value, which is better to response the coal gangue and loess mixture mixed soil water infiltration process.(3) After loess improving waste gangue, Mixed soil shear resistance decreases with the increase of the moisture content, at saturated state the stretching resistance of mixtuer is decreased with the increase of the soil content, reducing100%gangue (805N) to100%soil (232N). The reducing of mixed soil stretching resistance can be divided into three stages, respectively is:coal gangue content between80%-100%, mixed soil has bigger stretching resistance, between30%and70%, mixed soil is in intermediate level, coal gangue stretching resistance is lower, between0%and20%, mixed soil has smaller stretching resistance.(4) Through the plants growing experiments show that, Festuca Arundinacea can survive in more than the25%loess content; Robinia Pseudoacacia is suitable for t more than62.5%loess conten of mixed soil; Amorpha Furticasa L is appropriate to more than the50%loess of the mixed soil; Platycladus Orientalis is suitable for the loess content more than the50%of the soil; Gleditsia Horrida is able to adopt the content of the loess more than the25%in mixed soil.

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