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To Discriminate and Study the Financial Statement of Chinese Listed Companies Fraudabstract

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor ZhangZhiKang
School Guizhou College of Finance and Economics
Course Accounting
Keywords listed companies Financial Reporting Fraud Identification of New Accounting Identification technique
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of information technology, the globalization of production and management, the globalization of economic activities and the Internationalization of multinational corporations have been further speeded up. This will bring any country in the world within the process of global economic integration intentionally or unintentionally. Financial information which has been seen as a common international business language, plays an increasingly important role in the process of global economic integration, which has become an important medium for the main body of the market reached a market transactions. However, the credibility and transparency of business language are violated constantly, almost all industrial sectors have fraudulent behavior, the fraud of financial reporting has become the focus of public attention.In recent years, domestic and international financial report fraud has occurred frequently, which seriously affected the healthy development of China’s capital market. False financial information not only mislead investors and allow them make wrong judgments anddecisions according to the wrong financial report, but also lead the government and other regulatory authorities to fail to detect, prevent and resolve the financial risk of corporate and financial institutions. Therefore, studying how to identify financial reporting fraud, reduce the incidence of fraud and improve the credibility and transparency of financial information, fully take advantage of the effective function of financial information in the allocation of resources, has a great practical significance.This paper adopts the research method of standard,combines with financial reporting fraud cases that Occurred in China, analyzes the corrupt means in these cases,and seeks the experience and means of distinguish the fraud.This paper includes introduction, body and conclusion,three parts six chapters.Part one,including the first chapter,that is introduction.In this part ,I will introduce the research background, meaning, content, method and structure of the framework paper, literature review, etc.Part two, it is the main body of this paper, including four chapters, they are from the second chapter to the fifth chapter.Chapter two, the related introduction of financial reporting fraud. On the basis of the analysis of the recent financial reporting fraud of Chinese listed companies, elaborated the reasons which lead to the financial reporting fraud and the type of performance of fraud.Chapter three, I will introduce how new Accounting Standards impact financial reporting fraud. First, there is a brief review of the definition of financial reporting fraud, then we can obtain results that financial reporting fraud is obtained in the preparation of the financial reporting process of accounting data and economic facts of conscious misstatement or concealment in order to achieve the purpose of specific economic interests, and to some extent a negative impact on the community. with recognizing the definition of fraud, combining with the new corporate accounting standards, the author analysis of the impact of new Accounting Standards to financial reporting fraud.Chapter four,The identification of the financial report fraud in the listed company of our country. This chapter will describes the techniques of identification of financial reporting fraud of the listed company from two angle which include both empirical recognition method of non-financial information and the cases studies of financial information. In this chapter the author will judge the possibility of fraud through false capital increase,false income increase and false expense decrease,according the financial index data changing in the fraud case. In the ending of this chapter,the author will propose that the power of judgment is very weak to observe a single financial indicators in the financial reporting. We could not grasp the fraud identification better until we deeply understand the articulation relationship of the three financial reports.Chapter five,The advices to the financial report fraud of the public company. On the basis of the theoretical study and the case analysis in this article, this chapter will describes from the angle of user of financial reporting, and divide the user of financial reporting into three kinds: stakeholders, the CPA and the government departments, and give some related strategy to how the users of financial reporting identify the financial reporting fraud of the listed company from three different perspectives. Part three, including the first chapter. The Main results, limitations and the prospects for future study. In this chapter, the author summarize the conclusion of the case analysis, and on the basis of the study about limitations, raise the prospects of the further study.The innovation of this paper includes the following two aspects: First,after the new corporate accounting standards being promulgated, the new guideline greatly limits the chance of financial reporting fraud. However, the new corporate accounting standards can not be perfect. It also has some limitations. A variety of fraud means still have opportunity. This article lists on the background of the new guidelines, the performance of financial reporting fraud force and a variety of opportunity of fraud means.Second,the identification of financial reporting fraud. The article is mainly directed against two aspects which include non-financial information and financial information. In the analysis of financial information, the author mainly use the method of case analysis, and analyze the newest punishment case of the China Securities Regulatory Commission to find a effective method for identify the fraud under the new background. Finally, from the perspective of users of financial reporting, The author proposed the strategy how to improve the identification of financial reporting fraud of listed company.

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