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Jianxian Cultivated Land Quality Monitoring Research

Author WangFangDong
Tutor ZhaoXiaoMin
School Jiangxi Agricultural University,
Course Soil
Keywords Ji’an County Cultivated land quality Monitoring Samples Index system
CLC F323.211
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In order to grasp the changes of cultivated land quality, the land quantity and qualitywill achieve twin-tube win, so as to achieve the real sense of land requisition-compensationbalance, and it has the important significance of cultivated land quality monitoring. Basedon the research of Ji’an County cultivated land quality monitoring as the main content,from how to wire the cultivated land quality monitoring samples, and the quality ofcultivated land is defined as the quality of cultivated land productivity, farmland ecologicalenvironment quality, the arable health quality. Ji’an arranged on the basis of this, thecultivated land quality monitoring points, Ji’an cultivated land quality monitoring indexsystem, and using the established model to Ji’an analytical investigation result of cultivatedland quality monitoring indicators. How to carry out the farmland quality monitoring workprovides a certain amount of technical reference. The results show that:(1) By the contrast between the2010-2012three-year monitoring indicators of Ji’anCounty farmland quality monitoring samples found basically no change in soil texture andstability; average organic matter content of the2011monitoring samples relative to theaverage of the2010Monitoring the organic matter content of the samples decreased,especially as a result of the Land Consolidation monitoring samples No.35, No.36, No.37,No.38, four monitoring samples decreased significantly.2011-2012monitoring samplesof soil organic matter analysis, changes in the organic matter content of the topsoil was anoverall upward trend, due to land consolidation monitoring organic matter content of thesamples has also been a certain pick-up; Declined in2012relative to the overall pH of2010; profile form is a relatively stable indicators in the three years of monitoring changesin the profile form of monitoring samples; effective monitoring samples of soil thickness ingeneral there is a rising trend, to a lesser extent. Due to the land consolidation projectmonitoring sample number35,36,37,38, four monitoring sample effective soil layerthickness increases;2010to2011, the average yield of Ji’an County farmland declined toJi’an county average yield of cultivated land in2012and returned to the2010level;Changes in the ratio of three years of production and farmland yield trends; Most of themonitoring samples in little change in the degree of mechanization, improved after thechange of arable land slope, the degree of mechanization; The monitoring samplesfarmland irrigation guaranteed rate almost no change, four land consolidation projectmonitoring samples have been strengthened;2010to2011, the average yield of Ji’anCounty farmland declined to Ji’an county average yield of cultivated land in2012andreturned to the2010level; Changes in the ratio of three years of production and farmlandyield trends; Most of the monitoring samples in little change in the degree ofmechanization, improved after the change of arable land slope, the degree ofmechanization; The monitoring samples farmland irrigation guaranteed rate almost nochange, four land consolidation project monitoring samples have been strengthened; Trends and change points of drainage conditions and irrigation guaranteed rate indicatorsare consistent; Slope did not change much in the three years of monitoring; Soil nutrientbalance index changed little; Little change in the three-year risk of pesticide contaminationdata; Three Ji’an County farmland planting structure index did not change a single structure,the ecological stability.(2)2010-2012Ji’anCounty farmland productivity quality farmland ecologicalenvironment quality, healthy quality of arable land, cultivated land quality comparisonfound that, Ji’an County farmland productivity quality overall are on the rise, but theincrease is not; Ji’an County farmland ecological environment quality analysis, three yearsof little change, farmland ecological environment monitoring indicators are relativelystable in the short period of three years; Ji’an County farmland mass upward trend, risingmarginally.(3) Ji’an County farmland by2012natural quality with the contrast between the2005Ji’an County farmland natural quality,2012samples by other naturally relatively originalby other agricultural land, etc. do not increase the number of samples23, natural samplesby other relative of the original agricultural land by other and so do not increase thenumber of samples for23in2012,60.5%of the total monitoring samples,rating do notkeep the same number of samples to11, the proportion of total samples was28.9%, do notreduce the number of samples and other four samples, the proportion was10.5%. Overalllevel of cultivated land quality nature is on the rise.

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