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Design of4YB-ⅠCabbage Harvester

Author ZhangJuan
Tutor WangFenE
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords cabbage harvester Guide and extractor device Lifting devices Top pressuredevice Rotary cutter Horizontal transport device Design
CLC S225.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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At present, the development of Chinese cabbage combine harvesters arebasically at the blank, cabbage harvest based on manpower operations. However,The cabbage harvest seasonal, high labor intensity and low efficiency, occupied byfarming season, To realize of farmers’ income, arranging insurance quality andquantity of harvest cabbage is the key. With the transfer of rural labor, mechanizedharvest of cabbage has became the priority of the cabbage growing industrialization,increasingly urgent demand for the cabbage harvest mechanical equipment.In order to overcome the shortcoming that there is no proper machine ofcabbage harvest in china, A type of4YB-Ⅰ cabbage harvest machine with single filewas designed by theoretical and CAD technology. Combined with the planting modelof china. Based on the analysis of cabbage growth characteristics and classificationand research and the mechanical structure of a typical harvest of cabbage harvestingmachinery at home and abroad,1. The paper designed the overall structure and detailed working principles ofthe machine, determined the structure and technical parameters of the major workingparts. The cabbage harvester includes the boot puller, improve transportation, andremoval of roots and packing. Rack gear, and guide the extractor device to enhancethe delivery devices, cut roots devices, the composition of the top pressure device, thehorizontal transport device and closing the container.2. Put forward tooth conveyor chain is the main working parts of the liftingdevice of the device works, movements and theoretical analysis on the transportationcomponent was conducted, the best design parameters was obtained.3. Described structure and working principle of the compress device, designedmain components, the compress device is composed by the driving and driven pulley,tension pulley and conveyor belt, the size and motion parameters of the variouscomponents was obtained by the theory and calculation4. Selected rotary cutter is suitable for the cabbage harvest, described the working principle of the rotary cutter, design the structure of the cutter device bythree-dimensional software. Conducted theoretical calculations for performanceinfluencing factors of the rotary cutter (including the speed of the cutter, motorcycleforward speed, the number of blade and blade edge angle).5. Detailed overall structure and working principle of horizontal transportdevice through theoretical analysis and calculation, the critical parts of the structureand size parameters was obtained.6. Designed the overall structure of guide and extractor device, detailed basicworking principle through theoretical analysis and calculation, the optimum designparameters was obtained.7. Initially selected the rack, containers, hanging fixtures and ground roundand other auxiliary components. Determine the aircraft’s configuration of powertransmission mechanism, drafted diagram of transmission system, calculated thetransmission ratio of all levels. Finally, analyzed and simulated the main parts by theanalysis and simulation software, and optimized the main parameters.The cabbage Harvester power is15~20kW tractor operating, The workingspeed is0.3m/s, the cutting speed of cabbage is6m/s and the productivity is0.04~0.05hm2/h. compared with manual operation efficiency can be increased to2.5~2.8.The result showed that the machine have simple structure and reliable performance,which can provide reliable technical reference for the mechanization of cabbageharvest in china.

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