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Analysis of Multi-water Resources Irrigation to Mitigate Drought in People’s Victory Canal Irrigation Distract

Author ChenZhen
Tutor HuangXiuQiao
School Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Course Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
Keywords the people·s victory canal irrigation district crop water requirement winter wheat summermaize GPCC irrigation assurance rate GRACE mitigate drought
CLC S274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Drought is one of the main meteorological factors that restrict agricultural production in ourcountry. Water shortage is ever-increasing, so it·s of great significance to adopt multi-water resourcesirrigation so that we may reduce agriculture drought and ensure national food security. being set in thepeople·s victory canal, with measured data and data from GPCC and GRACE, this study hasestablished the model of crop water irrigation requirement drought and analyzed irrigation districtability of mitigating drought. The main research work and conclusion are as follows:1.CROPWAT model has been used to estimate crop water requirement by meterological data, cropdata and soil data in the people·s victory canal irrigation district, getting the winter wheat and summermaize water requirement476.4mm and352.8mm separately. Meanwhile, aiming at meterological filesof Xinxiang from1951to2010, this study deals with dry, normal and wet three typical years, whenwinter wheat and summer maize irrigation requirement have been obtained as353.3mm、342mm、296.2mm and107.5mm、67.4mm、48.5mm separately.2.This paper utilizes data of GPCC and Xinxiang meterological station, mainly includingprecipitation, air degree, soil data, which have been analyzed and compared, to preliminarily analyzeresearch area drought. Besides, on the basis of irrigation district file, SPI has been calculated in fivedifferent scales, obtained the value of SPI in1,3,6,12,24months. According to these SPI value,drought analysis has been carried out in the people·s victory canal irrigation district. Finally, winterwheat drought index has been mainly calculated, referring to several drought models, to analyze droughtin research area.3.Multi-water resources analysis relates to estimation of surface water, groundwater and divertingwater from the Yellow River in the people·s victory canal irrigation district. This paper has estimatedsurface water and groundwater by use of irrigation district data, obtaining total storage of surface waterand groundwater as0.34billion m3. At the same time, the total yield of diverting water from yellowriver is0.43billion m3, depending on the flow and water level of yellow river past several years toestimate. But the total water diverting from yellow river will be reduced to0.3billion m3as a result oftotal yield control. Moreover, GRACE satellite data has been used to analyze water level amplitude ofvariation with EQUIVALENT WATER THICKNESS·, obtaining the result250mm.4. This paper analyzes multi-water resources irrigation by combination of crop water requirementand multi-water resources analysis, resulting in that uni-water resources irrigation is hard to satisfyirrigation quota. The highest irrigation assurance rate is near to50%, which came from diverting waterfrom yellow river. And others uni-water resources irrigation assurance rate is low. Multi-water resourcesirrigation assurance rate is relatively high, near to70%even in dry year.5.According to above study, this paper has established the model of crop water irrigationrequirement drought, obtaining CIDI of winter wheat and summer maize in dry year. The degree of cropwater irrigation requirement has been analyzed on the basis of CIDI in the people victory irrigation district. Finally, the conclusion of this study is that the people victory canal irrigation district is one ofbetter large irrigation district which can mitigate drought in dry year.Innovation of this dissertation is to establishe the model of crop water irrigation requirementdrought and calculate CIDI of winter wheat. The ability of irrigation districit to mitigate drought hasbeen analyzed by the CIDI of winter wheat combined with multi-water resources in the people·s victoryirrigation disticit.

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