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Research on Online Active Measurement of Diameter in Deep Processing

Author GuFengQiang
Tutor YeXiaoYou
School China Institute of Metrology
Course Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords Deep Hole Drilling Honing Eddy current sensor Demarcate Signal transmission and acquisition
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Deep hole machining is involved in almost all the machinery manufacturing industry, mainly used in the field of high-tech industries, such as water conservancy, construction machinery, aerospace manufacturing and other areas. The growing number of those involved in the field of deep hole machining content, technical difficulty, mainly due to the measuring apparatus activity space is limited, so the operation inconvenient to adjust, so that the inner diameter of the measurement is very difficult. The inner diameter in the deep hole processing active online measurement refers to the real-time measurements in the deep hole processing, the size and status of the inner diameter of the workpiece is displayed, and a corresponding adjustment signal is issued at any time according to the measurement conditions, there are conducive to the adjustment of the processing. Inner diameter deep hole machining active online measurement method is becoming the object of extensive research in various fields, but its applications, there are some limitations, this method is only more widely used in grinding and honing machining . Which Honing is a deep hole machining, the this thesis honing active online measurement of the inner diameter deep hole machining example. Deep hole machining honing the inner diameter of the extensive use of active online measurement method the pneumatic measurement method, the measurement method of capacitive sensing and eddy current sensor measurements. The purpose of this paper is developed a high-quality, low-cost method of making a more accurate sensor, and the operator's minimal impact, for monitoring the interference as low as possible during operation, the analysis of real-time monitoring data obtained deep hole The process parameters - hole diameter, and ultimately active online measurement, real-time display of the purpose of dimensional accuracy. Namely that a special method for the real-time monitoring the inner diameter of the deep hole processing honing process, first analog the honing processing environment build laboratory work platform, a new type of eddy current sensor is designed according to the characteristics in the honing process for real-time monitoring the diameter change this sensor performance analysis of calibration, data processing and output signals, display real-time analog processing measured deep hole inside diameter changes after the slip ring and wireless transmission of the next-bit machine and the host machine. The thesis consists of the following parts: (1) deep hole machining honing process diameter information. First to build a platform of the simulated deep hole machining honing active online measurement laboratory, through the comparison proposed using the eddy current sensor deep hole inside diameter line measurement method, eddy current sensor designed specifically used in small the environmental measurements deep hole inside diameter, and this eddy current sensor static calibration and dynamic characteristics, performance and linearity, accuracy, repeatability, resolution and sensitivity test, and get a good result, eddy current sensor measurement range of 2 mm measurement accuracy 10μm. (2) In the deep hole processing honing process, the inner diameter of the information transmission and display. Between measurement information digital processing device with CNC equipment carried and reliable communications, power signals and cable signals transmitted through the slip ring transmission of wireless microcontroller wireless signal of eddy current sensor measuring the internal diameter signals respectively transmitted to the lower machine and the host machine display . (3) a laboratory environment the simulated deep hole machining of honing the inner diameter of the online measurement experimental results and analysis. Active online measurement of the deep hole machining honing ultimately achieved in a laboratory environment, real-time display of the measured tube diameter sizes.

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