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The Effects of Growth Regulator on Wheat Growth under Low-light

Author ZhangXiaoDong
Tutor LiGuan
School Xinjiang University
Course Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords wheat growth regulators photosynthetic efficiency physiological andbiochemical indexes low light
CLC S512.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Wheat is an important crop in Xinjiang, that the yield and quality have greatsignificance to the Xinjiang food security and the economic income of farmers.However recently Xinjiang fruit industry development rapidly, the fruit tree andwheat plant intercropping mode can effectively use land resources, and greatlyimprove the utilization rate of water at the same time, how great influence on wheatgrowth and yield under the fruit tree and wheat plant intercropping conditions needsto be systematically studied.In this experiment, Xinchun37was choosed for the trial under artificial simulatedlow-light conditions treated in four different growth regulator combinationsprocessing, respectively, in wheat seedling stage, jointing stage, booting stage.Treatment combinations: treatment1is1mg/L cytokinin+0.01%Brassinolide+a littleTwain; treatment2is5mg/L cytokinin+0.01%Brassinolide+a little Twain;treatment3is5mg/L+0.02%Brassinolide+a little Twain; treatment4is1mg/Lcytokinin+0.02%Brassinolide+a little Twain, spraying water under the sameconditions as the control treatment. During the heading period flag leaf with a varietyof physiological and biochemical indexes, net photosynthetic rate and relatedparameters were measured.The results showed that: under the artificial simulation of low-light conditions,the applied growth regulators increase the wheat flag leaf chlorophyll content, solublesugar content, the malondialdehyde content decreased, protective enzyme in vivoactivity increased, net photosynthetic rate increased. In particular, the effect of thetreatment3is the best.Later in the greenhouse manual control of low light intensity about under30Klux, the wheat of Xindong6as the test object, found in the same experimentalmethods applied by5mg/L cytokinin+2mg/L manganese sulfate+100mg/L boricacid+0.02%Brassinolide+a little Twain and5mg/L cytokinin+2mg/L manganese sulfate+50mg/L boric acid+0.02%Brassinolide+a little Twain both growthregulator formulation, the growth of wheat not only compared with the control grouphad been significantly improved, which can promote their photosynthesis, but alsoenabled the Xindong6wheat the heading5days in advance, thus could contribute toits precocity.

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