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Study on the Isolation of Endophytic Fungi from Wild Tending Ginseng and Their Effects

Author JiaoPengNa
Tutor RenYueYing
School Jilin Agricultural University
Course Medicinal Plants
Keywords Wild Tending Ginseng Endothitic fungi Isolation and Identification AntifungalActivities Plant-growth-promoting effect
CLC S567.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, the study of endophytic fungi had drawn greater attention.The living environment of endophytic fungi is special living in plant.Endophytic fungi and host plants in the long process of evolution formed a symbiotic relationship between species. The host plants provide the necessary nutrients for the endophytic fungi, and endophytic fungi had an important effect in the host’s growth and development and to resist pests and diseases.Some studies had shown that some endophytic fungi of medicinal plants can improve the ability of the host plant resistance to pests and stress and play a role in the growth of the host plant.Ginseng is the dry root and rhizome from Araliaceae ginseng that a precious Chinese herbal medicines which had a long history in China. In recent years, due to the destruction of forest resources and human over-excavation, resulting in the wild ginseng resource verge of extinction. Wild tending ginseng is pollution-free and long service life and growth, the quality is higher than the ordinary garden ginseng and have high economic value. The wild tending ginseng lives in a special environment.The research of endophytic fungi of wild tending ginseng has been very little.In this paper, the endophytic fungi in the health roots of wild tending ginseng were isolated with the method of tissue isolation.And study on the effect of their dfermentation productThe results are as follows:1.The isolation method of o endophytic fungi.Screening the optiomal for isolation of endophytic fungai:Stem suiface-steriization with75%alcohol(1min),5%NaClo(6min),75%alcohol(1min) and used1/2PDA medium as the isolation medium.2. Results of the isolation of endophytic fimgi:There were65strains endophytic from the health roots of wild tending ginseng in the different seasons.26strains isolated from the health roots of wild tending ginseng that were collected in October2010,5strains in May2011,23strains in July20113. Identification of endophytic fungi of wild tending ginseng. Through identification of morphological characteristics46of them were identified to belong to Cephalosporium, Penicillium, Cylindrocarpon, Verticillium, Trichothecium. The same classified were as a class and total had16species of endophytic fungi. 4. Endophytic fungi inhibitory activity screening. Selection6kind of pathogen were used to test their antibacterial activities.It was showed that the inhibition activity to pathogenic bacteria were weak.The inhibitory activity of fermentation broth of strain P-16of Fusarium wilt of muskmelon was higher, strains5. Endogenous fungal fermentation broth of plant-growth-promoting effect. The fermentation broth of the endophytic fungi, astragalus, Chinese cabbage, radish seeds, the germination test. The results showed that the fermentation broth of strain P-9and P-16had hiher growth-promoting effect. The IAA producing ability of fermentation broth of endothitic fungi was determined and result showed all of them can produce IAA, but big difference for each fungi.

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