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Study on Test-tube Plants’ and Seed Plants’Development of Biennial Bupleurum Chinense from Shanxi Province

Author Zhao
Tutor HaoJianPing
School Shanxi University
Course Cell Biology
Keywords Bupleurum chinense DC. Test-tube plants Seed plants Botanical characters Genetic parameters Saikosaponin contents
CLC S567.239
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Bupleurum chinense DC. is a kind of familiar traditional Chinese medicine that belong to Umbelliferae Bupleurum L., and it was included as a original plant in "Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China". As medicinal parts, root of B. chinense has lot of functions, but we often make it fighting with influenza virus in clinical. The variety of B.chinense cultivated has becoming the main source of Chinese medicine market because the lackness of wild types and market demand enlarged. Now, the quality and yield of B. chinense are restricted because mixture germplasm and resources, low ratio of seed germination and uniform medicinal materials quality. Therefore, building the GAP technique and selecting high-quality B.chinense have been the problems to be solved for developing Chinese medicine industry.Plant tissuse culture technology is an effective method that makes germplasm purification and rejuvenation. We expanded reproduce the different kinds of high-quality B.chinense DC. that based on rapid propagation system, transplanting into the field after rooting and seeding, then statistical analysis of botanical characters on different growing period and making comparison between test-tube plants and seed plants. We make comparison between test-tube plants and seed plants from Shanxi Wanrong for genetic parameters and correlation in vegetative growth phase, flowering stage and seed matturing stage. Takeing a determination of saikosaponin a, d and total saikosaponin contents on test-tube plants’and seed plants’root which digged in different time and researching the law of accrmulation.The results through comparison for botanical characters show that the test-tube plants’characters are better than seed plants’, effective number of leaves and the weight of root have the most distinction. The test-tube plants from Shanxi Ruicheng have the best botanical characters and it could be the good material to selecting the high quality germplasm. Through the analysis of genetic parameters and correlation on test-tube plants and seed plants from Shanxi Ruicheng in different growth time, we found the test-tube plants have the best characters like lower RSD, higher evenness and stable genetic traits. On the other hand, higher RSD and mixture germplasm are the reasons why seed plants have inequable medicinal quality. The genetic correlation between test-tube plants and seed plants are difference. Characters on test-tube plants’root are better than seed plants’that showed high yield, high evenness and uniform medicinal materials characters and quality.The results through dynamic analysis of saikosaponin contents on test-tube plants’ and seed plants’ root show that they have the similar saikosaponin accumulation laws and they all vigorous accumulation untill July. The saikosaponin contents on seed plants’ root from Shanxi Jishan are higher than other seed plants’. The saikosaponin contents on test-tube plants’ root are higher than all different seed plants’ especially saikosaponin d. The saikosaponin contents on test-tube plants’ root from Shanxi Wanrong are higher than the same type seed plants’.

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