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Mine explosion Diesel Intake System Simulation and Optimization

Author ShiJinZuo
Tutor LiChuanTong
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Heating,Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Keywords Explosion-proof Diesel Trackless rubber tire vehicle Intake Gas flow Numerical Simulation Structural optimization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, China's primary energy demand in the annual growth rate reached 10%, so that the amount of China's coal mines to a significant increase year by year. With the increase in the amount of coal mined, explosion-proof rubber tire vehicle diesel engine as an advanced mine auxiliary transportation, the demand also will be increased dramatically, resulting in the coal mine ventilation environmental contamination. To reduce the proof rubber tire vehicle diesel emissions, emissions of diesel engines proof rules and propose effective measures to reduce pollution emissions technology has important practical engineering significance. In this paper, 4105 diesel engine power performance before and after the explosion transformed studied experimentally, and the proof of its diesel engine air intake system of emissions Numerical simulation as a focus of this study. Work and the results of this study include: (1) analysis of the current state of the diesel engine intake system main harmful pollutants NOX and soot emissions, given the mine ventilation system by increasing the amount of dilution ventilation Ventilation System proof rubber tire vehicle emissions diesel technology pathways and increase required ventilation rate is calculated. (2) for the 4105 diesel engine power performance before and after the explosion transformation were studied experimentally measured at different operating conditions of the engine explosion models before and after reconstruction corresponding torque, power output and fuel consumption rate, obtained after transformation of the explosion Diesel power performance variation. (3) to establish a three-dimensional model explosion intake system and mathematical physics equations, and the model was meshed using Fluent software explosion intake flow field calculation and analysis of the dome shape, intake pipe length, and Location of the intake manifold on the explosion of gas flow in the intake system were investigated: 1) the resistance of different inlet flow field distribution within the system impact, explosion resistance of the intake system caused mainly by the explosion-proof fence, the more its resistance is small, the greater the flow rate, the greater the mass flow rate, intake efficiency can be improved. 2) the effects of different intake shroud diffusion angle variation of the flow field, when the 4105 diesel engine shroud spread angle from 146. Increased to 155. When the resistance of the intake system is reduced to 4.361kPa, 4.72% better than the original structure. When decreasing the spread angle to 139. When the resistance was significantly reduced as the original structure. 3) change in length of the intake flow resistance of the intake system, the intake pipe length is 60mm, the gas flows smoothly, can decrease the gas reflux, and effectively reduce the intake resistance, when the tube length is reduced to 24mm, turbulent kinetic energy caused by the maximum value, so the most intense turbulence, return speed max. 4) studied the different distribution of the intake manifold location of the intake flow field, when the intake manifold at one end of each bit Explorer manifold pressure distribution of the most uneven, the average maximum pressure loss, and the manifold flows were quite different. Explosion-proof structure by optimizing the intake system can improve the engine's combustion quality, improve its dynamic performance and operating economy, is expected to effectively reduce pollutant emissions.

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