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The Consistency Research on the Stress Testing of the Stratum Course in the Coal Mine Tunnel Using the Magnetic Barkhausen Noise

Author ZhangBingJian
Tutor ChenJuan
School Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course Control Science and Engineering
Keywords Barkhausen noise Ferromagnetic materials Stress Anchor Non-destructive testing Consistency of multi-sensor data fusion
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Practical applications, the implementation of the ferromagnetic material member for the detection of stress is a very important safety measure . Barkhausen noise stress detection technology developed in the eighties and nineties , a unique non-destructive testing techniques can be achieved relative to other common the lossless stress detection methods , the ferromagnetic material stress Online , transient , portable non-point detection , analysis, evaluation can be made ??of the fatigue life of the material , hardness , microstructure , surface state is a very dynamic development potential non-destructive testing techniques . Barkhausen noise signal generation principle , the characteristics of the noise signal , the paper do deeply detailed analysis , do research and correspondence between Barkhausen noise signal and the stress of ferromagnetic materials , and do calibration tests eventually produced a Barkhausen noise stress detection system . The system includes a sensor, the analog signal processing circuit , the digital signal processing circuit , and a power supply circuit . Done a detailed analysis of the various parts of the production process as well as the principle basis . Of Anchor tunnel support , coal mine roadway support , slope and foundation pit support and dam foundation engineering , which has been a wide range of applications . The bolt is a tension spread to the stability of the rock and soil reinforcement unstable parts of the rock and soil anchoring system . Magnetic Barkhausen noise method to detect the ferromagnetic component stress promotion to anchor stress detection , and the reality of the coal mine tunnel rock layers do to force use of the consistency of multi-sensor data fusion technology , the use of the method be able to get the a roadway rock formations overall force , provides a strong basis to determine whether there is a roof fall may be dangerous .

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