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Effect of60Co-γ Ray on the Growth and Quality of Flue Cured Tabacco(Nicotiana Tabacum L.)

Author QiangJiYe
Tutor WangShaoHua
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords flue-cured tobacco γ ray growth quality appraisal
CLC S572
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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In order to investigate the effect of60Co-y ray radiation on Flue-cured Tobacco seed vigor, growth and development, disease and pest resistance, photosynthetic characteristics, yield and quality, absorption of phosphorus and calcium and alcoholization on first roast tobacco with different60Co-y ray treatments at the K326etc main cultivate flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) breeds, the results showed that:(1) The dose of10-100Gy60Co-γ ray radiation could significantly increase the seed germination potential, germination rate, promoted the growth of flue-cured tobacco and reduced disease. And exorbitant dose of60Co-y ray radiation treatment of seeds reduced seed vigor and inhibited the growth of flue-cured tobacco.It was significantly different to the effect of Co-y ray radiation on new and old seeds of Flue-cured Tobacco.The suitable dose of60Co-y ray radiation treatment could increase germination potential and germination rate of old seed measure up to similar new seed level.(2) The effect of60Co-y ray irradiated tobacco seed was significantly. The60Co-y ray dose below20Gy could improve the stomatal conductance, net photosynthetic rate and WUE etc, it can improve photosynthetic characteristic and growth of tobacco plant, but above30Gy high dose of60Co-y could reduce the photosynthetic characteristic, impede the growth of flue-cured tobacco. By using the of32P,45Ca isotopic tracer technology, it found that, in seedling stage of tobacco,10-20Gy dose60Co-y ray radiation was in favor of flue-cured tobacco on phosphorus absorption, but the above30Gy high dose of60Co-y ray radiation could impede the absorption of phosphorus and calcium.(3)60Co-y ray irradiated tobacco seed significantly outcome the yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco. Appropriate60Co-y ray (10-20Gy) on tobacco seed could significantly improve total leaf yield, superior leaf yield and quality, few increase the total nitrogen and nicotine content of flue-cured tobacco, but reduce the total sugar and reduce sugar content, coordinate the total suguar/nicotine and nicotine/nitrogen. It coordinated the chemical components and improved smoking score quality. Above30Gy high dose of60Co-γ can reduce the yield, benefit and quality of tobacco.(4) The effect of60Co-y ray irradiated first roast tobacco could significantly change the alcoholization of flue-cured tobacco. Appropriate does of60Co-y ray could reduce nicotine, total sugar, reduce sugar, total nitrogen and protein content along of alcoholization time. It improved the chemical components and smoking score quality. The different leaf arrangement had its appropriate does.3-6KGy in the upper leaves and3KGy in the middle leaves had the better effect. The effect of sterilization was high than the alcoholization for the dose of60Co-y ray irradiated tobacco leaf. The effects of sterilization increased with the doses of radiation;6-12KGy could ensure the effect of sterilization during the alcoholization process.(5) Based on the effect of60Co-y ray irradiated on flue-cured tobacco quality and principal component analysis, the model of y ray wave and tobacco quality complex evaluation model were constructed. It evaluated the effect of different does of60Co-γ ray irradiated on flue-cured tobacco seed and first roast tobacco. Appropriate60Co-γ ray (10Gy and20Gy) on tobacco seed could significantly improve complex quality,3-6KGy on first roast tobacco could promote the effect of sterilization during the alcoholization process.In conclusion, the effect of60Co-y ray irradiated on seed vatality, plant growth, yeild and quality establishment, and alcoholization of first roast tobacco, the result showed the appropriate dose of60Co-y ray on tobacco seed was10-20Gy, and for first roast tobacco alcoholization was3-6KGy, which could significantly improve complex quality and promote the effect of sterilization during the alcoholization process.

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